These Rebel Cats Don’t Care About Your “Do Not Cross” Tapes

  • By Sara
  • October 13, 2020
  • 3 minutes read

Cats are rebels.

There is no doubt about that. Every person on Earth believes that fact and we have seen enough proof to back up that statement. No one can boss a cat around even if they want to. You tell a cat to do something and they will do the exact opposite just to mess with you. They can be witty and evil and they love annoying the heck out of us. We aren’t complaining either because we love to play around with them. Cats have our hearts no matter how much trouble they cause us.

We all know that cats love sitting in places they are not supposed to be. It is like a big “Screw you” to our faces. Cats really are living the thug life because they don’t care about anything. A Twitter thread emerged about cats sitting across “do not cross” tapes and it is the most hilarious thing you’ll see today. Scroll down below and enjoy:

1. Sleeping peacefully on the tape cross.

Via @sandra8634

2. Right in the middle of it.

Via @Diyes_Celine

3. Perfect place to nap.

Via @enokayy

4. They don’t need social distancing.

Via @sun_shine713

5. Away from humans.

Via @juykit

6. That is a complicated place.

Via @vodkadaddy

7. The tapes mean nothing to me.

Via @xaoxngchen

This rebellious nature has been a part of a cat’s personality since the beginning of time. Your boundaries and restrictions mean nothing to them. The world is their playground. They do what they want, whenever they want and no one can tell them otherwise. I wish I was this unbothered in life. But if I did this, it would probably be illegal. Scroll down below for more:

8. Positioned right on top of the cross.

Via @seanlkx

9. “What are you looking at?”

Via @neymarjulnior11

10. Am I not allowed to be here?

Via @FlopPotatoe

11. This is MY bench.

Via @hzqhsrn

12. Isolation seems nice here.

Via @callmesweetyyyy

13. Completely unbothered.

Via @Qeenshdn

14. Partners in crime.

Via @erwinhastings

15. “Don’t cross the tape? Don’t cross ME instead.”

Via @nomoreyaaa

What other rebellious things do cats love to do? Share with us in the comments below!

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