18 Times People Sent Their Dogs To WeRateDogs And Got The Most Wholesome Results

18 Times People Sent Their Dogs To WeRateDogs And Got The Most Wholesome Results

  • By Umer R
  • August 3, 2021
  • 4 minutes read

We are here with one of your favorite segments of WeRateDogs!

Just in case if you are new to it, WeRateDogs is definitely one of the most admired Twitter handles. What they basically do is, rate puppers in the most unique and adorable ways, professionally! Started back in 2015, this twitter account garnered about 9m followers till date and it’s still going strong every day! People would send in the pictures of their pups and these guys would rate those pups in the most cutest possible ways!

Although we agree that every pupper is beautiful in their own unique ways and every other picture is equally adorable but it’s still fun to watch which dog gets the best ratings. Above all, we just love the way they would write their tweets. It’s nothing less than a treat to watch. Today, we have collected 18 fresh and hilarious tweets for you to enjoy!

So, without any further ado, let’s hop on to the fun-filled tweets, shall we? Happy scrolling, people!

Via – We Rate Dogs

1. “Dis my bananas, hooman. You don’t touch them, okay?”

2. Such mesmerizing eyes!

3. That has got to be one of the cutest tails we have ever seen!

4. Way to go Sparkle! Our prayers are with you!

5. Oh wait, what do you mean that’s not Little Red Riding Hood?

6. That’s a pup…? We thought it’s a kangaroo!

7. Sophie appears to be an introvert but look at those gorgeous eyes! Wow!

8. “Do we really have to do this today, hooman?”

9. Would love to give lots and lots of cuddles to Biscuits!

Sorry to catch you up in the middle but just wanted to ask if you have ever had the opportunity to send the pictures of your dog for the professional ratings? Looking at how these people rate the pups with such amazingly written tweets, who wouldn’t want to boast off their pups to the world, right? Keep scrolling because there are more pictures coming up ahead!

10. “U yawn, I yawn”

11. Not sure whether he’s roaring or yawning.

12. Awww! That is such a cute thing! What is it? Definitely not a dog.

13. This is the type of angel I’d want to take my soul away when i die!

14. Check out this Majestic Dog! He has mystical powers too.

15. “Hold on, let me just fix the mirror first”

16. “I tricked my human! Just wanted to enjoy the backpack ride”

17. Johswa must have lots of ladies drooling over him, we can tell!

18. Jacob is a true hero!

Last but not the least, we’d like to say that all of these dogs are incredibly beautiful and we loved each and every one of them! Ratings are just for fun and we believe that all of these pups were 100/100! What do you think? Let us know in the comments section.

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