10+ Broken Dogs Who Need To Be Reset To Default Settings

Nothing beats spending quality time with our four-legged best friends.

Playing, chatting or even just going for a simple walk with our canine friends is nothing less than therapy. I mean, hanging out with our dogs is just perfect for every occasion. It doesn’t matter if it’s your day off, or your friends have cancelled their plans with you, your dog will forever be there to party with you anytime, anywhere.

However, sometimes something unusual happens to the dogs that make us leave everything and wonder if they’re okay. This happens when our dogs just suddenly stop working. It’s as if they are rebooting and so they have momentarily stopped functioning like a dog.

Sometimes, it turns out well and they soon return to their normal selves. However, at other times, they malfunction so badly that they end up forgetting how to dog. The following compilation shows similar instances where dogs completely forgot how to operate. And I have got to say, it’s pretty hilarious!

Check out the following posts and see how dogs look when they stop working.

“I come downstairs to find my 80-pound shepherd watching Bob’s Burgers. I’ve never been more proud.”

“When your very sensitive dog splits a nail and refuses to walk, but you’re over a mile from the car, out in the woods.”

When you forget how to smile.

“Nothing is wrong… He just prefers the dryer over his bed.”

“She woke up from her nap looking like this.”

“I came home and saw that the pack of dog food had fallen on the floor. And instead of eating the food that fell out, he made a neat pile.”

When you remember something embarrassing from last year.

I think it’s because of their high functioning brain. They are always so excited and hyped up for no reason that their brain needs to cool off every now and then so it reboots itself. Or, maybe some supernatural forces have just taken over the earth and they are using dogs to gain control over us. So, when dogs are sending them updates, due to technical glitches dogs stop working.

Now, I know this probably isn’t true. Then again, the chances of this happening are low, but never zero.

“My dog likes snow, like REALLY likes snow.”

“Milo has decided to ditch the dog life, and become a cat.”

“Just thought everyone deserved to see my coworker’s dog having an existential crisis. (Please, don’t make fun of his bangs.)”

“Is that a cupcake?”

“My friend’s dog getting… comfy?”

“She keeps staring at me like this. Please send help.”

Error: 404

“This is how my boyfriend’s dog sleeps EVERY night. I don’t know how she breathes.”

“Meow-meow, am I doing this right?”

“This was how he decided to rest.”

“Lola refuses to sit anywhere else in the car except on my pregnant wife’s belly.”

When you have no clue what you’re doing but it feels right.

“I woke up next to sleeping beauty…”

“He does this anytime he wants to come in or go out, as demonstrated by the state of my window I just cleaned…”

“Thoughts and advice needed”


Does your dog stop working too? Let us know in the comments below.

10+ Good Doggos Who Are Just Really Proud Of Their Work

Dogs are, no doubt, man’s best friend.

They are with us in all walks of life. If you decide to adopt a dog, they will dedicate their whole lives to you. They will love and protect you at all costs. Never question a dog’s loyalty. To them, you are all they have i.e, their family, friend, and caretaker. So do not for a second doubt that they will ever abandon you. If they are putting so much on the table, the least you can do is love them back the same and appreciate them.

Dogs have been known to help humans for ages now. They are not just loyal, they are also very smart. Research proves that an average dog is as smart as a two-year-old baby. It can learn up to 250 words and commands. And we are just talking about AVERAGE dogs for now – intelligent dogs can do much more. That’s why we have dogs assisting us in public services. Here are 10+ good doggos who are really proud of their work:

1. These therapy dogs are waiting to be let into the hospital rooms to comfort sick children.

2. It is this adorable doggo’s first day working at the airport.

3. This dog is really good at sheep herding.

4. Arthur and his friends calming down university students who are stressed due to exams.

5. “My local baseball team has a dog that retrieves thrown bats.”

6. Just another day in the life of Ava the rescue dog in Northern Arizona.

7. Elvis can tell if a polar bear is pregnant by sniffing its poop with 97% accuracy.

8. Scout donates blood to save the lives of her friends.

9. “My good boy is doing a check-in during class.”

10. Indie the sheepherder likes resting on her soft friends.

11. Max can detect a person’s blood sugar according to their scent.

12. This is Sampson. As you can see by his protective clothing, he is a researcher’s service dog.

Dogs are not just our best friends, they can be our heroes too. Dogs have provided us with their services in many ways. They have been available to us as therapy dogs, service animals, and also lend our police officers a hand. Their keen senses also help in detecting drugs and explosives. We owe a lot to these wonderful doggos.

13. These are explosive-detecting dogs. The two black dogs are retiring and this is their retirement party.

14. “My sister-in-law’s service dog, Chicory, has attended every class with her as she pursued her master’s degree. This weekend, he gets to walk across the stage too.”

15. Sunny can detect oncoming seizures for his owner.

16. “I trained this good boy for Guide Dogs for the Blind and he’s a working man now.”

17. Oliver cheers up people at the airport.

18. Emma has a job in a bookstore in Munich. She says hello to the customers by giving a welcoming bark.

19. “My local hardware store has a dog that follows you around and takes your items to the counter for you.”

20. This dog was covered with ticks and abandoned at a carport. Her dream has now come true as she is a dog treat taste tester.

21. They can sniff bad guys a mile away!

22. Stanley hunts truffles.

23. Jax is the official stamp-licker at this post office.

24. Exciting new first day at the police department!

Do you have any good boys in your life? How have they helped you in life so far? Let us know in the comments below.

10+ Naughty Dogs Who Were Not The Best Boys But Still Good Boys

All dogs are good boys.

They are playful and loving and deserve all our care and attention. Dogs never try to hurt you on purpose. They are all good boys by heart. If you see a dog misbehaving, it is probably because of lack of attention. To raise a good dog, fulfilling all its needs is very important. Do not neglect them and later blame them for causing trouble or for being a nuisance. It all depends on how the owner raises them because they can’t teach themselves what is right or wrong.

One of the reasons why dogs create chaos is because they are too hyper and full of energy. They just want to have fun and get so excited that they don’t realise they are causing problems. They don’t want to do anything wrong. They just don’t know better. So here are 10+ naughty dogs who weren’t the best boys, but still passed as good boys:

1. This dog decided to gather some fame by going to the police department while his owner was sleeping.

2. This dog interrupted some Turkish soccer players by stealing their ball.

3. “I invited my dog’s best friend over so they could keep each other company while I was at work. They had a great time.”

4. “How do you like my new parrot?”

5. “My husband and I were traveling with our baby, cat, and dog. We stopped at a hotel for the night to get some rest, and I couldn’t find my dog. I looked around and saw this:”

6. “She stole my juice.”

7. “Our dog’s new favorite toy is the knit blanket I spent over 2 weeks making.”

8. Coming home to your dog giving you a mini heart attack.

9. “Recently, I came home and my dog didn’t meet me for some reason. I heard some weird sounds, went to my bedroom, and saw this:”

Raising a dog the right way is really important. The dog is a reflection of its owner. If the owner is lazy and careless, the dog is going to be ill-mannered and chaotic. There are also no such things as “aggressive breeds.” I’ve raised plenty of Pitbulls till today, and all of them were absolute sweethearts. It only depends on you.

10. “A month ago, we found a half of a pie in this bush. So every day until the end of time we must closely inspect the Magic Pie Bush.”

11. Coming home to surprises by your dogs.

12. “Is anyone else’s dog able to bend metal?”

13. “I woke up at night and went to my kitchen. A second after I opened the fridge, my dog was standing near me. He hadn’t even opened his eyes, but was already asking for some food.”

14. “While I was in the kitchen, my dog got into my rabbit’s cage and couldn’t get out of it without my help.”

15. Caught red-handed.

16. “While I wasn’t at home, he destroyed his sleeping cushion.”

17. “He tears apart everything he can find. And this is just a small part of his destructive career.”

18. His new toy.

Is your dog a good boy? Have they ever caused trouble like this? Let us know your stories in the comments below!

10+ Cats That Made Us Laugh With Their Hilarious Shenanigans

Yes, Another Internet story about cats.

Why? Because why not? How could anyone get tired of cats? They are fluffy, beautiful and you always want to cuddle with them. So is it really a surprise that the most popular videos on Youtube are one with cats in them? After all if you are feeling down, a cat or two is sure to cheer you p and abring a smile to your face.

At least that is what we are here to do today. With the world not in the best condition right now, we all need a bit of pure wholesomeness to lighten our moods. From the age-old ‘cats sleeping in weird positions’ to them doing bizarre things, this list has it all.

So relax in the chair that gives you neck problems and scroll on below.

#1 Me thinks this statue was made specifically for this reason.

#2 This seems like the most ‘efficient’ way to eat.

#3 Is this a plan on perspective or is the kitty really that small?

#4 I think I spoke too soon on the former being smol.

#5 This cat just needs some love.

#6 This is what you call a cat burrito.

#7 This one is not amused.

#8 ‘What is this….thing? It keeps crying.’

#9 I really hope that’s photoshop.

#10 Waiting for another day to rise.

#11 Every cat food dispenser should have instructions in the cat language.

#12 Playing games with your adorable cats seems like a great time.

#13 When you stop caring about your cat allergies because…… kitty.

#14 I don’t think you wanna know.

#15 The first time you wear a cashmere sweater.

#16 A specially made bathtub for the cat.

#17 I have no words to explain the liquid cat phenomenon.

#18 My heart can’t take the cuteness overload.

#19 How did you not know this would happen?

#20 At first I thought a hurricane went that way.

#21 This is how your bag should be checked at the airport.

#22 Ready for a hard day at the office.

#23 I can only imagine that giving a heart attack to someone.

#24 The cat has finally accepted the child.

Or mqaybe she is trying to read his mind on why he keeps grabbing her tailm We might never know her true intentions but it sure does look very adorable.

#25 ‘How dare you to say that word!?’

#26 She does like the fake ones. Her glare says it all.

#27 It seems even cats like pregnant women.

#28 The circle of life right here.

#29 This floof is a master at camouflage.

She might think she has achieved greatness but that will certainly fade when someone accidently steps on her. All you’ll hear then are human screams as she bites their feet.

#30 ‘Have you come to learn the secrets of this Earth?’

#31 The very rare species known as Catula.

#32 Did this lamp come from an alien world?

#33 This is anime in real life.

#34 Is that a dog or a rug I see?

#35 Nothing to see here, just an adorable rabbit.

#36 This pair won’t even wake up if a train passes by.

#37 Hear me roar.

#38 Mistakes were made that day.

If she jumps right now, she can probably make it to the back of the truck but it is higly unlikely. And you would never say that cats are particularly intelligent so her fate is sealed really.

#39 This kitty has reached illusion 100.

#40 How else is she suposed o travel?

#41 What you see here is a sheep cat known as a shat.

#42 Quick, get a bucket! the cat is melting.

#43 Why would you do this?

#44 A hybrid of lion and cat. The fiercist creature ever.

#45 How is no one fawning over the new student?

#46 Just wait, she will realize in a few hours.

#47 The weekend has nothing on this guys hair.

#48 Just a very big snail.

#49 This is why you don’t buy things on craiglist.

Because as it turns out, you might hear noises coming from your ‘new’ couch. And when you completely destroy it by tearing it opne, you might find a cat. I* have no idea how she even got in there but there she is.

#50 Is the special surprise you get with your yogurt?

Did these bring a smile on your face? Which one of these did you laugh at the most? Let us know in the comments.

10+ Broken Cats That Need To Be Reset To Default Settings

Things can malfunction at the worst of times.

And that goes for cats as well. I am sure you have seen cats doing weird things that make no sense in hindsight but we simply think it is normal. After all, who knows what they are thinking? From acting like plants to sleeping in uncomfortable places. The life of a ‘normal’ cat is anything but usual.

Some people believe that cats are deities, others believe that they can sense the other world. However, when you look at all the stupid antics they get to. You’ll understand they are just like human beings. So if a smile is what you’re after.

You’ll certainly achieve that and more as you scroll on below and take a look.

#1 Is she going to a party I wasn’t invited to?

#2 Ready for food?

#3 Can she slide like a curtain as well?

#4 When you’re excited for a trip.

#5 This is what drunk people are like.

#6 She was caught in the act.

#7 I’d rather not even ask.

#8 When you’re at your best behavior.

#9 This kitty just wants to help.

#10 Seems like a very comfortable place to take a nap on.

I have no idea why cats love to sleep in the weirdest places. I mean this cat is more so just hanging in air rather than lying on a ‘stable’ surface. I guess it’s one of those things humans would never be able to understand.

#11 I guess she likes smelling her feet.

#12 When you are trying to learn to smile ‘normally’.

#13 She put herself in a time out.

#14 Is that the cat form of L from Death Note?

#15 Pole dancing is not as easy as it seems.

#16 Either the gravity is not working correctly or the cat has been possessed.

#17 Cattails are just like toys.

#18 Just like an old Grandpa.

#19 Your surprise face when you’re caught red-handed.

#20 I’d put the camera away right now.

This is not red or ‘green eye’ from the flash. This is the inner demon that resides in every cat coming forth. If I were this person I would have never taken a picture directly from the front.

#21 The face is the most comfortable place to sleep on.

#22 Just stretching her long legs.

#23 ‘I can see everything!’

#24 This one is a full-on mood.

#25 She just likes being squished.

#26 Her surprise on reaching the forbidden haven.

#27 In the mood for some french fires perhaps?

#28 When you don’t want your rice to be overcooked.

#29 I persume she is tap dancing?

#30 When you find your perfect jean size.

Finding a pair of jeans that fit your waist and legs can be extremely hard. So when you do find your perfect fit you just never want to take it off. And I think this kitty will agree with me.

#31 Direct from the tap is always the freshest.

#32 Doesn’t his face say it all?

#33 Tired from a hard days work.

#34 Atleast a sponge is useful in many life situations.

#35 Is he in the cupboard or underneath it?

#36 Wehn you try to hide your food baby to no avail.

#37 Some help this poor kitty.

#38 She is trying her best to reach the door.

#39 You can put another cat on her and she wouldn’t mind.

#40 This is how ‘proper ladies’ sit.

Did you have a good laugh at the expense of these kitties? Comment down below and let us know. Don’t forget to share so the rest of the world can finally have something to smile at for a change.

10+ Silly Cats Who Don’t Know Just How Hilarious They Are

Our feline friends are more than just four-legged furballs.

They are highly interesting and mysterious creatures. Of course, they are very playful and adorable who never fail to amaze us. But sometimes they act so strangely that we start to question everything. Have you noticed how they sometimes just stare at a plain wall for no reason? And how they just stare at us when we’re sleeping? What could all this mean?

I guess only time will tell about what really is going on. Until then, let’s just pretend cats are just silly little snowballs who just like having fun and keeping us on our toes. Below we have compiled some really funny cat photos and snaps that you will enjoy.

Check them out!

“I am not having none of your sh*t, Robert.”

“Kneel before me, or I will unleash my wrath upon you.”

“If I fits, I sits!”

I think they took away the Christmas Tree.

“How dare you leave me like that?”

“Let me sleep in peace, or I will scratch your face off.”

Though cats are cute, sometimes they just look like they’re up to something. Could it be that they are extraterrestrial creatures? Do they report back to someone about our activities? I mean, isn’t it weird how we instantly forget everything every time they deeply look into our eyes and make a cute pose? Or, maybe our mind is just playing tricks on us because we still can’t believe how such adorable creatures can actually exist.

Hard to tell.

When she says she’s not mad but then gives you this look the whole day.

“Good luck sleeping tonight, Karen.”

She protecc, she attacc, but most importantly she look like a snacc.”

*angry cat noises*

Woah, that’s a lot of beans!

Cute but will take your soul.

Anna is my spirit animal.

“There’s no escape, Emily.”

Kitty does what kitty wants.

I am fierce. You have been warned.

“You will let me out eventually, won’t you Robert? Who will save you then?

Do you have a cat that makes you laugh and also question everything around you? Share their photos with us in the comments below.