30 Pictures Of Looooong Cats That Prove Cats Can Stretch Themselves To Infinity

So when I say the word ‘cat’, the first thing that probably pops up in your mind is a small four legged furry creature, right? But what if I tell you that some cats aren’t as small as you think they are. There are many breeds of cats that are exceptionally long. These may include Balinese, Maine Coon and Nebelungs. These enchanting cats are not your average sized cats, they are more like snakes and little lions. You must be thinking; that’s not true! my balinese is as normal as any other cat. Well, you’ll know what I mean.

When we see the size of a domestic cat, it ranges from 40 to 46 centimeters. Guinness Book of world record has recorded that the longest cat has a length of 123 centimeters (3 times longer than the average cat!). This cat belongs to Maine Coon breed. Now, we all are obsessed with cats, well most of us are. Imagine having a cat which is 120cm long. Obsession level increased by 1000%!

We know that not everyone is lucky enough to have such a massive cat as a pet, so we have collected a bunch of long cat photos that will blow your mind. And will surely make your doubts go away. Keep scrolling for some crazy long cat pictures.

1. I can fit myself between these two sofa cushions and I bet you’d never be able to notice me.

Hey hooman, I can notice you not noticing me. Nevermind!

2. Post workout stretching.

Am I the only one who thinks this cat looks like a leetul black dinosaur?

3. Nothing to see here, just a long cat sliding off a chair.

It seems as if the cat is done with all the attention and just wants to chill for a while.

4. I know what you did last night Susan!

Thanks to my long body and amazing stalking skills. Are your secrets safe with me, you ask? Depends on the kind of fish you feed me.

5.  Not your average sized cat so why an average sized bed?

Ohh come on, can I get a bigger bed for heaven’s sake?

6. Draw me like one of your French girls

Start drawing already! I can’t sit in the same pose for days. Don’t forget my fancy tail.

7. Sunbathing before the winter comes back.

Summer is here, where is my summer body though?

8. I see an empty space, I go inside the empty space, now the empty space is not empty anymore.

Please get me out of here… I am not sure what to do now.

9. So you’re saying the pattern matching me was just a coincidence?

Well I still like lying on mini versions of me. Cute, really cute!

10. Now that’s the kind of comfort I want in my life.

Is it only me who envies the level of chill this cat has in its life?

We bet you’re loving the long cat show, well luck for you, we’re not done yet. We have many more photos coming up for you.

11. I don’t know about you, but this seems an extremely cozy sleeping position to me.

A cat doesn’t need a bed to sleep if it has another fluffy cat to sleep on.

12. This cat has set her priorities straight.

Sleep is clearly more important than playing with some stupid rope tied around a cylinder.

13. Can we stop with the drama because I am clearly done!

14. I can help you push the wall… ohh wait what? That’s not what you’re trying to do, hooman?

15. I would like to hand over my responsibilities to you now, hooman.

Stress is not good for the baby aka cato.

16. I am sure this one has all of us in awe.

If you’re happy and you know it, stretch.

17. Can we all have a cuddle buddy like this little man right here?

Lucky little man.

18. Can I have this dance?

“I’m a cat ballerina!!” – Tracy Moorhead

19. Why be an ordinary cat when I can be a SUPERCAT!?!?

Nope, still not done with these photos. I hope you are feeling lucky because we have a lot more in store for you. Keep scrolling!

20. Why think outside the box when you can literally lay outside or on top of the box?

”Honey! The cat melted again!!” – Carol Emory.

21. I can morph myself into a snake. A cute snake actually.

22. I think it’s a baby lion, not a cat. Definitely not a cat.

I bet you’d be scared of my roar. Meow!

23.  Are you telling me that I can’t climb the wall like a lizard?

24. Hey, quick take an aesthetic picture of me on the windowsill.

I am going to sit here and pretend be a keen observer.

25. let’s all pledge to do yoga every day.

Yoga every day keeps worries and stress away.

26. I can do the same pose twice.

27. I am not solid, I am liquid. I can take the shape of any container or corner I am in.

28. Put me down doc, not in the mood to be held like this.

Seems like someone is having a bad day (the cat of course, I mean look at her face). Seems like she didn’t have a good time at the vet’s.

29. Had a long day, maybe I’ll just sleep in the bathtub.

Yes, I can fall asleep anywhere and everywhere.

30. Is that the wall bell, hooman? Please open the wall.

Sadly, we have reached the end. But we bet these adorable long cats made you laugh, or smile at the least. And let’s not be in denial of the fact that cats are better posers than us, humans. No wonder these pictures were way to amazing. Which one did you love the most? Let us know in the comments section below. Don’t forget to share pictures of your bigger than average cats. We would love to see them!

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