15 Swoon-Worthy Before And After Photos Of Dogs Who Are All Grown Up

  • By Umer R
  • August 9, 2021
  • 4 minutes read
Cutest Pups

Ask a dog parent about the experience of watching their pup grow up & they won’t stop talking about it.

Watching their adorable little pup grow right in front of their eyes is one of the most beautiful moments of their lives! Also, raising a puppy is way harder than raising an actual human baby and a majority of the people certainly won’t agree to that. Even though a puppy is most likely to figure things out on his own as compared to a human baby but if you don’t raise them right, they might just bite you as soon as they look at you. Puppies need constant play, tummy rubs, ear sniffing and brushing. Also a new puppy is fully capable of destroying your house if you leave it unchecked. They can chew up your furniture, ruin your boots with their sharp teeth and would poop and pee anywhere they’d like.

Now, you wouldn’t have to worry about your newborns chewing up the walls, do you? Also, even if they would poop or pee, it would be in their diapers. You won’t have to carry them around everywhere or worry about them because they pretty much stay in the same place you left them the last time. However, pups need to be trained as quickly as possible. They need to be taught how to socialize, how to sit and stay if you command them to because if you don’t teach them to stay, they will bite any creature or human being they are not familiar with. This entire process certainly isn’t easy at all and can leave puppy parents all exhausted but what matters the most is, it’s worth it!

Anyways, luckily, puppy parents love taking pictures of their adorable little puppers every day and we have managed to get our hands on some of the before and after pictures of dogs who are all grown up now. It’s nothing less than a treat to watch;

1. Let’s start with this tiny little Pitbull

via Reddit

Took him just an year to grow up that big!

2. Look at this adorable Corgi!

via Reddit

They just keep getting cute and slightly bigger.

3. Look at this giant pup!

via Reddit

Such a wholesome picture!

4. This flulffy samoyed is too cute for our brains to comprehend.

via Reddit

Wait, that’s not a stuffed toy!?

5. Still waiting to be potty trained?

via Reddit

What a cutie!

6. No matter how big they get, they will always be our little babies.

via Reddit

Even if they stop fitting in our arms!

7. Just another year but the pose remains the same.

via Reddit

What an adorable duo!

Pet owners just can’t stop taking pictures of their pet every day. More than half of their phone’s galleries are filled with the pictures and videos of their pets and we are happy that they keep capturing those every-day-moments. It’s nothing less than a treat to watch!

8. A giant husky!

via Reddit

Hooman trying his best to hold him.

9. Here’s a picture of an adorable golden doodle!

via Reddit

His hooman still loves holding him in his arms.

10. Love that outfit!

via Reddit

Even if it doesn’t fit anymore.

11. Oh my… isn’t he gorgeous!?

via Reddit

Loving the tiny cap!

12. “I’l always be here for you, hooman”

via Reddit

“No matter how older I get”

13. Well, he used to fit in my boots.

via Reddit

Now my boots fit him.

14. She loves her pink sweater.

via Reddit

And we love her!

15. His toy never leaves his side.

via Instagram

Just like he doesn’t leave ours.

Pups grow up just in the blink of an eye and before you know it, they stop fitting into your palms or even arms. We hope that these picture made you recall the memories you’ve had with your pets. Let us know about your experiences in the comments section below.

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