Hilariously Angry Cats Who Have Had Enough

Most of us think cats are adorable little creatures who are nothing but angels. These people don’t have cats.

Sure, they are very cute and can win anyone over just by giving them one look; big dooey eyes and an innocent looking face. But, the reality is, behind all the innocence is a moody little monster just waiting to unleash the beast hidden within. These creatures judge you, make you do their work, make sure you know that they are the real bosses. We, humans, on the other hand can’t do much about that because we just love them so much. Not that they don’t love us, they just have a different way of showing it.

Some cats may put on an innocent face, but some brave ones don’t bothering hiding the reality. They are angry and they want everyone to know that. They are sick and tired of our BS and can’t be bothered to care enough. Or at all! We’ve got so many pictures to prove that. Check out these cats who are extremely angry and irritated.

1. Just because you make sure my needs are met, doesn’t mean I have to like you.

2. The airplane is ready for takeoff

3. An angry gentleman.

4. This one just looks like it’s plotting some sort of revenge.


6. Oh, so you thought this would make me look cute?

7. Get me back in the house, human.

8. How many times do I have to warn you against taking pictures?

9. Another one who doesn’t like its picture being taken.

10. Hiding from your BS.

11. Getting in the right position to jump at you.

12. Turn the flash off! Can’t you see it woke me up.

13. The fluffiest and angriest cat.

14. Straight out of a horror movie.

15. Is this a dog? Is this a cat? Is this the carpet? We will never know.

16. Too sleepy for this.

17. Get out of my sight.

18. Rawrrr!

19. Not satisfied. Not satisfied at all!

20. No matter where I am, I am watching you.

21. You’re too cute to be this angry cat.

22. Thug life

23. Why’d you come home so late last night? Where exactly were you?

24. The three levels of “anger”

25. Aww! Who made this little kitten so angry.

26. Devil? Is that you?

27. Pretty sure this cat started the fire and doesn’t want to be rescued.

28. Kneel before me!

29. Really? Open the freaking door. Can’t you see its raining?

30. You better sleep with one eye open, now.

31. Not sure if that’s a cat…

32. If you bug me one more time, I’ll break everything in your house.

33. Deathglare.

34. This one just looks like a really angry human.

35. Where’s my food?

36. Nope! That’s a lion.

These cats will always keep being angry. That is their permanent expression. We still love them though, and find them very cute. What did you think of these angry cats? Let us know in the comments section below.

And if you want someone to know that you’re angry at them without actually having to tell them, just share this article with them. They’ll know!

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