25 Photos Of Working Cats Who Have A Better Job Than You

  • By Hashir
  • June 17, 2020
  • 5 minutes read

Who said only dogs can have jobs? Cats have their own unique set of special skills that might come in handy. Cats are not lazy animals. We might have seen our cats sleeping from time to time, but that’s only because they want to reenergize before diving back into the business. With their fluffy furry bodies and cute paws, they have everybody’s attention. Some ingenious people decided to make use of their cat’s abilities and employ them. Not to mention, cats have taken care of their designated jobs very well in the past.

Not only people are impressed, but they’re also taking notes. While some cats—just like humans—become the victim of workplace politics, others have been seen as being appreciated for being the employee of the month. We came across 25 motivational pictures of the cat employees that will make you work harder to get your dream job.

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#1 This cat is a nurse and takes its job seriously.

Credits: KimfromNorway

Meet Rademenes, he’s a survivor of inflamed respiratory track and now he serves as a nurse at the shelter. He takes care of other animals for their speedy recovery.

#2 “Hello front desk, yeah I’d like the mousekeeper to inspect my room again.”

Credits: RustyBertrand

This happy kitty is a mousekeeper at a hotel in Iceland.

#3 This guy almost lost his job but never gave up. The truth prevailed. Oh, and there was an international backlash too.

Credits: ManuclearBomb

#4 Dixie is a tow truck driving helper.


“My Tow Truck Driver Has A Cat Named Dixie With A Matching Safety Vest”

#5 This little kitty chased her dreams and became a cop.

Credits: TroyMI_Police

“I Was Once A Kitty In A Shelter & Now I’m A Cop. Chase Your Dreams. Signed, Pawfficer Donut”

#6 This cutie is a scanning assistant.

Credits: CamTheChest

#7 This one got a job at a nursing home.


“This Stray Cat Snuck Into A Nursing Home, And Got A Job”

Managers, officers, station masters, therapists, assistants and what not! Cats are working side-by-side with humans providing help and dividing the workload. They are not always ignorant of humans. Deep down inside they care and want to make this world a better place for their community. These tiny and sometimes chonky paws are not always lifted to scratch us, but sometimes to help and greet us. Humans have always underestimated cats. We misunderstood. Now, it’s time to make amends and start giving this creature the respect and honor it deserves!

#8 Dirt is a railway cat.

Credits: ghost_train_of_old_ely

“Meet ‘Dirt’, The Nevada Railway Cat That Always Looks Like He Needs A Bath.”

#9 This one’s in marketing.

Credits: GallowBoob

#10 Cats are also serving as security guards.

Credits: cheezfang

#11 This guy works at the hardware store and he’s judging your choice of paint.

Credits: Shuang

#12 Cockroach management is clearly the most important task at any organization and this guy has really taken his job seriously.

Credits: Good_Natured_Guy

#13 This Cattoo is in the army.

Credits: FaNcYb0t2

#14 This grocery store has the cutest security.


“I saw you take that pizza without paying, put it back.” – Kaisu

#15 He’s a mountain rescuer! Guess we’ve underestimated cats all our life.

Credits: vpdots

#16 The microphone is pointed at the cat. Clearly, he’s the foreman of this operation.

Credits: tshiar

# 17 This cat served as a station master in Japan.

Credits: wikipedia

“Tama Was A Female Calico Cat Who Gained Fame For Being A Station Master And Operating Officer At Kishi Station On The Kishigawa Line In Kinokawa, Wakayama Prefecture, Japan”

#18 He works at a liqueur store.

Credits: thepawneeraccoon

“Hennessy Is Always My Liquor Store’s Employee Of The Month”

#19 This one loves grooming customers.

Credits: Younce-Davis

“Local Ace Has Greeter Pirate Kitty Named Ace— He Loves Grooming Customers”

#20 That’s a therapy cat.

Credits: Feebedel324

#21 We would visit the doctor more often if it’s a cat.

Credits: paulec252

#22 You can leave your application forms with the cat.

Credits: blackandwhiteadidas

“He’s On His Break. He Greets People At The Drive Thru.”

#23 This is Oscar—The truck repair cat.

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