Blind Woman Asked to Remove Guide Dog From Bus For Being Black

Blind Woman Asked to Remove Guide Dog From Bus For Being Black

  • By Umer R
  • August 9, 2021
  • 3 minutes read
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Imagine someone calls out your dog for being black!

As bizarre and ridiculous it may sound, this incident actually took place on a public bus. Some people just turn out to be complete losers who just can’t keep it to themselves. They just want to create a fuss over the most tiniest of things without even understanding the gravity of the situation. Dogs are a lot more than a man’s best friend. They come with numerous of benefits and we simply can’t imagine the world without these adorable little species.

We came across a story of a girl named Megan Taylor, who suffered a major head injury when she was 15 years old only. The head injury resulted in some serious medical issues as well. Poor Megan had to face hearing loss, frequent fainting episodes, impaired balance, vertigo and episodic blindness. Sadly it became a part of her daily life which just couldn’t be avoided.

During an interview with Megan, she told, “I can temporarily lose my sight without warning at any time, which is truly terrifying. Even when I can see I become so dizzy and disoriented when walking that I bump into obstacles and trip over things.” That’s when she decided to opt for an assistant dog, Rowley.

Rowley is a 2 years old black Labrador who would help Megan to carry out her daily tasks and help her function like a normal human being. Rowley helped Megan with getting dressed, untying her shoes, emptying the washing machine or calling for help whenever it’s required.

Here’s an adorable picture of Rowley!

via: The Liverpool Echo

Megan who happens to be 22 years old as of now, uses public transport to travel along with her pup, Rowley. Until recently she had to confront am arrogant stranger, a woman, who had the audacity to call Megan out for bringing a dog inside the bus, but it didn’t end there. There’s more to it.

As soon as Megan got into the bus, the woman screamed “Why is there a f***ing dog on the bus? Get it off!”. At first Megan tried to deal the woman with patience and told her that it’s her assistance dog and she can’t function without him. But the woman called Megan a liar and said, “guide dogs are yellow, not black”.

Like seriously, are you for real? How can you even tell the difference between a guide or a conventional dog based on their breed or color!? These type of people are everything that’s wrong with the world!

Anyways, Megan still showed resistance and tried to explain the lady that guide dogs can be of any color or any breed. But the arrogant woman still kept going on and even hurled abuses at Megan. “She told me I was wrong. I decided at this point there was nothing I could say to educate this woman and that it wasn’t worth my time. I instead chose to ignore her while she continued to talk nonsense.”

Megan relies on Rowley and he makes her feel safe and confident, especially while she is travelling to a public place.

According to Megan, this wasn’t her first bad experience using the public transport. She added, “I don’t think I’ve ever had a stress-free trip on public transport, that’s why I’m so nervous when using it now,”. Megan told that there were occasions where people even stepped over, tried to push her out of the way and most ridiculously, accused her of being drunk!

Despite of all that she has to go through every day, Megan decides that she would remain positive!

“I try to stay positive and not let incidents such as what happened get me down because I am not ashamed of my disability. Despite having so many negative experiences, I know that these people are the minority. Most people are good and kind.”

Here’s an adorable picture of the duo!

via: The Liverpool Echo

It’s really sad that these kind of people still exist who are just so keen proving themselves right and creating a fuss over everything! However, we have massive respect for Megan and her gorgeous dog Rowley, who are definitely winning at life! Let us know what did you think of the story in the comments section.

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