This Guy Built His Dog A Luxury Home, And It's Nicer Than Anything I've Ever Owned

This Guy Built His Dog A Luxury Home, And It’s Nicer Than Anything I’ve Ever Owned

  • By Umer R
  • August 3, 2021
  • 5 minutes read

Do you love your pet enough to build a lavish house for them with a TV in it!?

As astonishing as it sounds, that actually happened. We love our pups and would definitely do anything for them! But this guy just decided to go an extra mile for his pupper by building one of the most luxurious houses you’d ever seen, for his beloved doggo. We are talking about Johnathan Lower and he happens to be a real estate agent in South Carolina. Btw, he’s pretty famous on TikTok as well due to his home improvement videos which is loved by many people!

Johnathan has an incredible aesthetic sense and his DIY gym, garage remodel and a home movie theatre garnered massive views and people absolutely loved it but none of those projects were considered as his best until he decided to build a luxurious doghouse for his 2 years old dog, Teddy. As soon as he uploaded the video of the house he made for his dog, people just couldn’t stop admiring the glorious house! Not to get you too excited but it even had a TV in it. In short, it made us wish to switch lives with that pup.

Here’s a picture of the adorable duo!

Via Instagram: @jlower12

So, the video of the house went viral all over the internet and managed to garner a massive number of over 12.9 million views! In the video, you will be able to see Johnathan giving us a tour of the luxurious house that he built for his pup, Teddy. The doghouse has been built inside a closet under the stairs of the house he just purchased! It’s magically beautiful. Check out the video below to believe;


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In an interview, Johnathan said “Teddy loves showing off his house to the people by standing in front of the door!”

via TikTok: @thehomeprojectguy / Via

Love the aesthetics! So cool!

via TikTok: @thehomeprojectguy / Via

Check out the welcome matt!

via TikTok: @thehomeprojectguy / Via

Here’s a peak inside the room of Teddy. We love how Jonathan took care of the little details! The greenery, a family picture and not to forget the window!

via TikTok: @thehomeprojectguy / Via

It even had a magazine – not like he’s gonna read it but looks good, doesn’t it?

via TikTok: @thehomeprojectguy / Via

Well, this has got to be one of our most favourite parts about Teddy’s new house. A TV with a gorgeous fireplace beneath…

via TikTok: @thehomeprojectguy / Via

Of course, it had a massive picture of Teddy as well!

via TikTok: @thehomeprojectguy / Via

Johnathan was originally inspired to build Teddy’s puppy pad while taking a client to view a house: “The sellers had a playhouse for their daughters under the stairs. It was just an open space with toys, but for some reason, the thought popped into my head that it would be neat to have a doghouse exterior with a doggy door going into that space.”

Here’s another adorable picture of the duo going for a ride!

via Instagram

“Once [we] settled into [our] new house in February…I designed Teddy’s interior in my head and began on that first,” he continued. “I built him a custom bed with slide out drawers, custom golden retriever fairy lights above, new lighting, shiplap, a functional fireplace, TV, and a custom portrait. Once that was done, I constructed a stone and craftsman-style outside and finished it with a custom mat. The inside took me about a week and a half [while] working in the evenings, [and] the outside took me one full day.”

We absolutely loved the idea and how carefully he designed everything!

via Instagram

Of course, we are not the only one who loved what Jonathan did for his pup. People absolutely adored the idea and the way Jonathan extracted it. Some people even got jealous of the luxurious life Teddy was living. Let’s take a look at the comments of the people;

Why wouldn’t it be? It’s such a gorgeous place!

via TikTok: @thehomeprojectguy / Via

Some people didn’t mind becoming a dog.

via TikTok: @thehomeprojectguy / Via

Well, he surely is, than most of us!

via TikTok: @thehomeprojectguy / Via

However, Jonathan felt that his connection with his pup Teddy, was a lot more than just of a pet and an owner. He added, “In the last couple years, I’ve lost a young sister, grandpa, aunt, and, a month ago, my father. Teddy has been there for me and I couldn’t repay him enough. He truly is my best friend and I will continue to spoil him for all he has done for me!”

Awww… they have a beautiful chemistry!

via Instagram

Jonathan has already planned his new project and working on it. It’s going to be a side car for his bike that Teddy will ride in! Not just that, he also has plans for working on a safe room which shall have a 450-pounds of a vaulted door to protect Teddy and Jonathan during emergencies!

Look at those cute paws!

via Instagram

Well, we wish both of them a beautiful and a happy life together! It’s wonderful to see how Jonathan loves his adorable pupper Teddy more than anything. What did you think of the house? Let us know in the comments section and also don’t forget to follow the duo on TikTok and Instagram for the latest updates!

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