Someone Replaced All The Dinosaurs In Jurassic Park With Cats & It's Hilarious

Someone Replaced All The Dinosaurs In Jurassic Park With Cats & It’s Hilarious

Hey, have you ever tried to visualize the replacement of dinosaurs with cats in Jurassic park movies? Not sure what we are talking about? Okay, let us break it down for you.

We love our furry little friends to death, right? Their mysterious nature and odd behaviours are nothing new to us (referring to the cat owners only). They are so mysterious that we can never predict what’s going on in their mind or what are they planning to do next. Are they planning to just sit there quietly, giving us those death stares as if they are planning to kill us? Or, are they going to shower us with all their love? Some things are never certain.

Sorry, we got carried away a little but let’s come back to the point. We are pretty sure that almost everyone in the world has seen Jurassic park movies. The first movie rolled out back into the 93 and it was a total hit! Everyone went gaga over it as it was a very rare and different concept. As we already know, sadly dinosaurs do not exist anymore and there are just theories of their existence. However, the movie’s concept did not depict the existence of dinosaurs but rather showed cloned dinosaurs being placed into a wildlife park for entertainment purposes but it all goes wrong when security breaks down and the creatures start to escape. It was a masterpiece.

Now, how are we going to relate to our furry little friends, you ask? We just thought to recreate some famous scenes from the Jurassic Park movies while replacing the dinosaurs with our mischievous little friends & you are going to laugh your ass off! So, grab some popcorn as the movie is about to start. Start scrolling.

1. The woman, the man

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And the cat! A true love story

2. “Hey, over here! I don’t have yarn but this is kind of like a laser.”

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This cat is either hella confused or is hissing real bad! Either ways, we’d be scared of this dino-cat

3. This just in!

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Cats are now born through eggs. Oh no, wait, that’s dino-cat. Nevermind then!

4. Run Chris Pratt!

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But first! Maybe just give her some pets?

5. I know you need to handle some things but,

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Let me just give you some licks, Chris!

6. Stay very very still

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Dino-kitties might just attack if you move at all

7. Sleeping Chris Pratt needs some cuddles

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or maybe, the kitten is getting ready for a sneak attac! Yikes!

8. Show me a better movie poster

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I’ll wait.

We absolutely love how the cats have replaced dinosaurs. Not that we don’t or didn’t love them, I guess. But we love cats more and we can’t deny that. Let’s continue scrolling and enjoy more of these!

9. Run! Run for your life

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Dino-kitties are following you.

10. Casually strolling the streets

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Running after people, watching all the cars go by.

11. Here we can see how cool it would be if we were little and the cats were huge

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Bending down for us just so we can give them some pets

12. This my hooman

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Ain’t nobody gonna come close to this one. Also like, how dare you come back to the island? Don’t you know it’s unsafe?

13. No matter how large they get

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They will always find a ball to play with… even if it has hoomans in it.

14. Don’t look now,

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But I think something is behind you, Chris

15. Easyyy… Easy!

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There is no need to attac. Let’s just get you some food and we can all live together

16. In a parallel universe,

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Where we sit on cats instead of them sitting on us.

Whoever was the genius behind all these edits, we applaud you for it. These were too good. We did not know we actually needed to see this until now. But now we can’t unsee it. Can’t imagine what it would be like watching the movie now! If you share the same views as we do, let us know in the comments section below!

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