21 Pics Of Newfoundland Dogs That Are Huge But Still Act Like Pups

21 Pics Of Newfoundland Dogs That Are Huge But Still Act Like Pups

  • By Malaika
  • September 12, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

These doggos don’t know their own size.

We have seen many dogs that are blissfully unaware of their own size. It seems even though a dog might get as big as a horse. In their heart, they still think of themselves as a lap dog. And while any dog can be a lap dog. These pups will need a bigger lap to comfortably sit on.

However, these Newfoundlands don’t care about these semantics and only want to cuddle with their owner. Which would be pretty adorable except the fact that one wrong move and they might make short work of several of our ribs. But sometimes you just have to make sacrifices for the greater good.

I am assuming you are here to take a look at some adorable Newfoundlands so scroll on below and take a look.

#1 Even big dogs need to be safe.

Via lioranvl

#2 The size of the lap doesn’t count anyway.

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#3 Can you imagine that they are the same age?

#4 Who is the pony in this picture?

Via newfy

I suppose this dog wanted to take his friend out for a walk and the humans were just too busy to do that.

#5 Are we 100% sure this isn’t a bear? because I have my doubts.

Via maz-o

#6 When you want more ice-cream but they are out so you lick the cup.

#7 The smaller one looks very curious to see this giant.

Via Thesmithos

#8 You can try to move him but I wouldn’t If I were you.

Via jaydeejj

#9 When that hunger pang hits you in the middle of the night.

Via mugsymegasaurus

I thought this is a bear who snuck into the house.

#10 Everyone can be cute no matter the size.

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#11 What we have here is a tennis pro relaxing before a match.

Via mozman68

#12 A gentle giant indeed.

Via TheOneTrueQueen

#13 68 kg of pure joy right here.

Via wtwerner

You can see the slight pain in the guy’s eyes.

#14 When you are bored and try to cut your own hair.

Via dannygally

#15 A being with an awful sense of balance might not survive this encounter.

Via meyvos

#16 Yes, They are actually only 11 weeks old.

Via andyandtherman

I am just as surprised as you are.

#17 It’s all rainbows and sunshine until the camera gets turned off.

Via bentleythenewfoundland

Behind this smile, there is a lot of pain. HE WILL CRUSH HIS RIBS.

#18 When you want an extra meal and give your best puppy eyes.

Via asscher_thenewf

#19 The cold never bothered him anyway.

Via NickFromNewGirl

#20 Who needs a pillow when you have a Newfoundland as your best bud?

Via justarunner

#21 I want to be adopted into this house as well.

Via kernowbearsnewfoundlands

Have you ever met a Newfoundland? If so what are your thoughts on these gentle giants? Let us know in the comments below.

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