40 Perfectly Hidden Cats Who Have Aced The Art Of Camouflage

  • By Malaika
  • June 23, 2020
  • 5 minutes read

Even ninjas aren’t able to hide this well.

You know how soldiers wear camouflage clothing and paint their faces or cover themselves in the mud to blend in with nature? Well, cats are naturally able to do this because of their beautiful patterns. Cats who are all one color are able to do this even more perfect. Don’t believe me? You soon will after you take a look at the following images.

I have no idea what they hope to achieve by doing this. Perhaps they made a mess somewhere in the house and are trying to get out of getting yelled at. Or perhaps they love to scare the heck of their owners. Whatever the reason but f I say two cat eyes staring at me in the middle of the night, I’d probably soil my pants and these kitties are hoping for just that.

So scroll on below and take a look.

#1 A mix between a cow and a cat perhaps?

#2 All I see is a row of black cats.

#3 I bet this one is very comfy.

#4 I’d use this one as a pillow.

#5 Damn, this kitty has some modelesque legs.

#6 Hurry up and get a bucket before he completely melts.

#7 She is on the prowl.

#8 Is this bed specifically for her?

#9 She won’t be so comfortable when someone steps on her.

#10 Your feet would be very red by the end.

With all the scratches she would inflict on you. However, I now really want some furry cat slippers. (Not actually made from cats of course.)

#11 This one took me a minute to find.

#12 She is looking for the opening for her food.

#13 A hunter in the making.

#14 Fake it till you make it.

#15 This is his bed now.

#16 ‘Just sit still and the hooman won’t notice.’

#17 She won’t like being burned.

#18 ‘Did I scare you?’

#19 ‘I dare you to try and step on me.’

#20 He loves the new portrait.

He loves it so much and he wants to become art itself. That is probably the reason he is trying to find the portal to the portraits dimension. I know that may sound far fetched but cats already have one foot in the other world so who can say at this point?

#21 Yup, there is a cat in those swirls.

#22 Do cats love being stepped on this much?

#23 If you try to use him as a blanket it won’t end well for your face.

#24 She wants to be free of the prison.

#25 A lightly singed kitty is not a happy one.

#26 ‘I’m the TV now.’

#27 Just hope that hundreds of eyes don’t suddenly open up.

#28 Did they bought it specifically for the cat?

#29 ‘I only needed some toilet papers.’

Now we know who is the one hoarding everything during this pandemic. This kitty is the culprit for toilet paper shortages.

#30 This is known as a clingy friend.

#31 Cats sure do love to t take naps on wood.

#32 She knows how to work in the shadows.

#33 ‘Why would you do this hooman?’

#34 Just trying new stretching poses.

#35 This furry blanket looks mighty comfortable.

#36 ‘I like the new bed you got me.’

#37 The perfect pair. Yin and yang.

#38 ‘I didn’t do it.’

#39 Shine bright like a diamond.

#40 ‘I’m always watching you.’

What are your thoughts on these kitties being so great at camouflage? In which one of these images did it take you the longest time to find the cat? Comment down below and let us know.

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