30 People Who Thought They Didn’t Have A Cat & These Cats Proved Them Wrong

Nature has its own way of surprising us. Sometimes the surprises can be really scary but if you’re lucky, nature can give you wonderful surprises. These delightful surprises can make your day better, for sure!

We have collected some amazing pictures of nature surprising these lucky human beings. That too, in the form of cats! Yes, you heard that right. Now cats are very moody, we all know that. And if you’ve ever tried to pet a stray cat, you would know that they’ll, more often than not, run away. Unless! You’re the chosen one. Personally, we wish we were amongst the lucky ones.

Without keeping you all waiting for too long, here are pictures of these beautiful cats, choosing their own homes to live in and letting the humans know that they now have a cat. They don’t even get to have a say in it.

1. “This isn’t my cat”

Well, you didn’t open the door so I thought I should try the window…

2. “I fell asleep after work and woke up with this on my lap. He is not my cat.”

Good, now that you are awake, turn on the TV.

3. Nope, it’s definitely not too early to have a cat.

4. “I saw this on my kitchen oh, by the way, we don’t have a cat.”

Excuse me sir, I was just looking for some spices.

5. “After five minutes of an open door I suddenly have a cat in my home”

Is this where you keep all the food? Do I have to fetch it myself? Darn it!

6. You’ve been blessed by the whole clowder.

7. “My dad sent this from the bathroom. We don’t own a cat”

You were not supposed to find my hiding spot, new father.

8. “I almost didn’t see this cat. It’s not mine”

No no! That’s a stuffed toy.

9. A new addition to the family

10. “I saw this when I looked down but I don’t own a cat.”

Well, too late buddy. You own one now.

11. “I want to feed my cat and found another inside of the bin. It’s not mine”

hey, I’m just looking for some food here…

12. But, I’m a good catto.

Please give me some treats, too.

13. “This cat shows up at my house every day”

Your majesty! We all must bow down.

14. “I was bringing in groceries and a cat decided to adopt my car”

Hey so how long until we get home? No pressure, but I’m kinda hungry.

15. Peek-a-boo

We’re sure it’s very cozy in there.

16. “This is the view out my window. I live on the second floor and it’s not my cat”

So how long do I have to stare at you to let you know that you’re my hooman now?

17. Must. Find. The. Kitty.

You can’t hide the paw prints now, miss.

18. “This cat loves my sink but it’s not my cat”

Hello hooman, it is time for my bath.

19. “I don’t own a cat”

Spot the cat!

19. No sir! You don’t need education. You need catucation

20. More of the attention seeking catucation cat.

22. Let us have a little meeting, shall we?

So I noticed these other 5 cats in your house. Well, now that I am moving in, they must move. Only I lives here now.

23. You don’t just have a cat; you have a dog, too!

24. Too late! You’re already a grandparent.

25. Few of those nice neighbors who check up on you regularly!

26. Okay, but how do they turn on their “stealth mode”?


28. This cat has now put a claim on your house.

29. Definitely another type of cat.

30. “Was woken up at 2.45 this morning by this asshole… I don’t own a cat… Is this how you get a cat?”

Yes! This is how you get a cat. Now feed it.


So, it’s true what they say; You don’t choose the cat, the cat chooses you.

Did you like or love these surprises? Let us know in the comments section below. Have you ever been lucky enough to have a random cat or dog surprise you? We would love to see that! Don’t forget to share pictures with us. We definitely cannot wait.

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