24 Wholesome Pictures Of Dogs Hugging Their Owners

  • By Sara
  • July 23, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

We all express our love in different ways.

Some of us express through words and some through our actions. But pure love is mostly proven by our actions. Anyone can come up with fancy words or a poem to impress someone. But only a few can practically prove it. Yes, talking is a form of communication but some of us communicate with those we love through the things that we do for them.

For example, dogs. They can’t speak but that does not stop them from loving us. They use several techniques to display their affection but their favourite one is something even us humans are very familiar with: Hugging. Nothing says “I love you” better than a nice, warm hug. Dogs love hugging their humans and none of us is complaining. The more dogs that hug you, the happier you get in life. Scroll down below to see 24 wholesome pictures of dogs hugging their owners:

(h/t: Stylish Eve)

1. No dog is ever “too big.”

Image credits: Kyle Mackillop

2. His eyes are even closed. You know he’s feeling the love.

Source: imgur

3. Dogs are just our babies.

4. You can see the happiness in her eyes.

Image credits: Steve Garner

5. There, there, human.

Source: imgur

6. Best friends forever.

Image credits: Caters News

7. The perfect combo: A hug and kiss.

Image credits: Ronin Otter

8. He’s trying his best to hug with his tiny arms.

Image credits: Gavril Galev

9. The comfort in a hug is unmatchable.

Image credits: Nseika

10. When you see your best friend after a long time.

Image credits: Daniel Mihailescu

11. Perfect photograph.

Image credits: Christian Müller

12. Is that a life-sized teddy bear?

Image credits: Tatyana

13. This is so cute.

Image credits: Sherry

There is so much comfort in a dog’s hug. You feel their warmth and fluffiness and it is like instant therapy to you. No one can love you unconditionally like your dog. Their loyalty and love will last until their final breath. We really don’t deserve dogs.

14. Nothing better than an oversized fluffball hugging you.

Image credits: Cao Terapia | Donie Terry

15. Is this cute doggo wearing a mop?

16. The audience is enjoying this hug too.

17. A dog hug would be the best birthday present.

Image credits: Mariana Alves

18. You’ll find peace in their arms.

Image credits: Sabrina Paige

19. Why the long face, baby? Smile!

Image credits: Ricardo Bonilla

20. I love how you can’t even see the human!

21. This is so precious.

Image credits:  Lubos Zakovic | Katherine Sutherland

22. Look at how he has his arms around her neck.

Source: reddit

23. There is no pool party without doggo.

Image credits: Ashleigh Potter

24. Aww! This one just warms my heart.

Source: blackrose

Did these adorable dogs warm up your heart too? Have you ever received a hug by a doggo? Share your pictures with us in the comments below!

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