20 Hilarious Photos Of Dogs Who Learned Not To Play With Bees The Hard Way

  • By Malaika
  • June 21, 2020
  • 5 minutes read

Everyone makes bad decisions.

It’s an important part of growing up. How would we learn not to do foolish things if w don’t try them first right? I suppose that is how the tide pod challenge started but you understand what I am saying. At least these doggos agree with me. I mean we humans know that you should run as far away when a bee comes close to you but dogs don’t have that fear.

So most of the time, they will either try to catch it or straight up eat it. And it’s safe to say, it never ends well for them. Because for those of you who don’t know, bees aren’t actually filled with honey but venom, and that means a swollen everything.

Take a look for yourself by scrolling below.

Source: Imgur

#1 ‘Let me in hooman! It hurts!’

#2 He is probably regretting that executive decision now.

#3 Damn, he got it bad.

#4 Even his eye is swollen.

#5 That must be hurting the poor baby right?

#6 He does seem a bit proud of eating a bee though.

#7 His eyes tell a story.

A story of how he was following a bee and it smelled like honey. So he thought it would be a good idea to taste it. As it turns out, that is when he knew he f**ked up. Because it somehow ended with him looking like he had a mouth full of food perpetually.

#8 She at least looks happy with herself.

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That is not pleasant for the dog and I’m sure she’s uncomfortable but I can’t help laughing at this. – Ralome

#9 He can play with all the toys while he is resting.

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At what point did dogs lose their natural instincts to not do foolish stuff? I mean you don’t see wolves eating bees or risking injury for something that will not result in a meal. –wonderband

#10 He knows what he did and he regrets it.

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When I was a small child I saw a bee on the table next to me and decided to grab it and try to hold it in my hand, obviously getting stung immediately. It was excruciating and I cried for a while.

Days later I saw another bee outside on the ground. You would think at this point my instincts would have told me to stay away, but instead I let the hate flow through me and stepped on it barefoot, getting stung right on the arch of my foot.

I was not a smart child. –Donald_Keyman

#11 ‘Give me more head scratches Hooman.’

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From the look in her eyes, she’d do it again. –straydog1980

#12 ‘I’m very angry at myself that I now look like a panda.’

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B’awwww! Poor lil buddy! This is equal parts adorable, sad, and hilarious! Hope the lil guy is going to be ok. –BYAHBYAHBYAH

#13 ‘I still look adorable right?’

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I admit, I laughed. Then I immediately felt like an a**hole for laughing. –notquiteotaku

#14 ‘I probably shouldn’t have done that.’

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#15 ‘Please don’t be mad. I’m sowwy.’

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Awwww…that happened to one of my weimaraners once. It’s so sad b/c they don’t understand. But also funny because their swollen lips look funny. The swelling should go down by tomorrow. –telekelley

#16 ‘I have no idea what’s happening to me.’

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#17 ‘Will get extra treats today?’

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#18 ‘Rocky ate a bee to celebrate National Dog Day.’

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Thish ishn’t funny guysh. –UnveiledCorgi64

#19 He might have lost this fight but he will win the war.

Via GlimmeringJem

My dog ate a bee when just a little puppy and got stung.

I think he got hooked on the poison, because he hunts bees for hours, gets stung and then just sit and stare at a wall for like 20 minutes.

Dope head, needs to get his sh*t together. –hakkzpets

#20 ‘Why is everything so lopsided?’

Via AndNew01

I ate a bee once. Well technically drank it as it was in my pop can and I didn’t know it. It stung me under my tongue but nothing swelled up. I just spent the next 20 minutes being lightheaded and seeing everything with a yellow tint.

Not sure why, but it was very strange. –bandagen88

Has your pet ever been stung by a bee? If so did they get an allergic reaction or were they fine? Let us know in the comments below.

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