30 Hilarious Pics Of Cats Who’re Struggling To Figure Out This World

The internet has taught us that cats are everybody’s favorite pet and that majority of the people love to have a cat as their pet. Another thing the internet has taught us is that cats are weird – like SUPER WEIRD. They do things that are completely out of context. They will climb to the highest place in the house, they’ll knead your face, run around the house meowing for no reason at all, they hate water but will spend so much time cleaning themselves and the list goes on. 

They’ll even roll around like crazy and chase things that are not visible to the human eye. Cat owners will surely be able to relate to things that we have mentioned above. All the non cat owners don’t have to worry at all. However, just to give you a tiny bit of taste of the medicine, we have written this amazing article for you.

This article is all about cats who act super strangely, as if they have just been born and they have no idea what is going on around them, in the world. Scroll down to see for yourself!

1. The face you make when you wake up after 3 hours of sleep.

So, did I wake up as a human to be served this way or… what? I’m confused.

2. “Yes we all are really very excited, do you wanna know why?”

Go see your bedroom, we redecorated it for your birthday!

3. “I thought this whole swimming thing would be fun.”

“It is not fun at all…”

Why is this wet?!?! HOOMAN ANSWER ME.

4. I think this cat just discovered its tongue…

5. “Who drank all the water from my pool?”

Is that the reason I couldn’t see my reflection in the pool? Because there was no water?!?!?

6. “This is one silly cat, hooman, please get rid of it!”

Dogo is wondering what is wrong with this cat..

7. Sees something totally random that nobody can see and gets super scared.

Only cats have the talent of getting scared from something invisible and jumping off the counter.

8. “So, I just move my limbs and im swimming?”

Also, don’t you think that the water is a little cold for us to bathe?

9. “I am not good at taking off those.”

10.“Go away, go away!”

Why is this cat scared of a random ball of wool?

11. I wanted to explore new ways of eating my food..

Umm excuse me, will you help me get out of this thing or am I just supposed to stay here…

12. “Stop tickling me!!!”

if “fighting one’s own self” was a gif..

13. After a whole day of sitting and eating, this cat finally decided to work out….

My work out includes scratching the walls and sofas. Deal with it.

14. Where is this ringing noise coming frommm?

Ugh! I hate this noise, help me get rid of it hoomann!! Get this bell off of me!

15.“Yuckkkhh, that stinks!!!”

What the heck, hooman? Don’t you ever wash your feet?

16.“It was cold outside, so I decided to wear your socks!”

Also, is that mouse? MUST. CATCH.

17. “It’s my wedding day.”

Do I look like a bride? I hope I don’t look very tensed.

18. Someone didn’t have fun in the shower.

Told you I wasn’t ready for a bath, I just took bath 45 days ago.

19. “I really dont know what to do with this half yellow orb.”

What “beating around the bush” looks like. Cat: Hey, you wanna fight me buddy? I will show you what I can do!

20. “I just love yoga.”

Why is everything upside down though? Am I in a parallel universe or something?

21. When you’re trying to sneak out of the house but you get caught by your mother.

Umm.. so, I was just going to the kitchen. Nowhere else!

22. Cats reaction when you blame it for the mess.

Shocked and surprised…

23. “I am sorry sir, I haven’t had food in a really long time. Can I eat from this bowl?”

Feed the stray cats!!!

24. How dare you sleep when I am awake? Let me pull your hair and wake you up!

Cats have forgotten the concept of “Peacefully sleeping.” Unless, the cat is the one trying to peacefully sleep.

25. Cat food? No this is my new hat!

26. Silly cat! Don’t you know, your food can never be your friend. Eat this frog or I will!

27. Is this cat playing hide and seek or is she really upset about something?

I guess we’ll never know. I hope she is just playing.

28. We’re pretending to be dead!

Ohh, I can act like I am dead, so can my Dino toy. So believable, right?

29. Damn hooman, this thing is so soothing. Why didn’t I know about this earlier?

You better do this 24/7

30. Will I be getting a bath or not?

Come on human, I can’t sit here in the sink for rest of my life. Give me a bath and let me go!

Pretty sure y’all found these as hilarious and weird as we did. Cats really are the strangest of ’em all. My personal favorite was No. 12. Which one was yours and what did you think of these cute little felines. Let us know in the comments section below! Don’t forget to share with your loved ones.

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