10+ Pets Who Found Happiness After Being Adopted

  • By Saif
  • May 9, 2021
  • 6 minutes read

Have you ever thought of adopting a pet instead of buying one?

First things first, a true animal lover, would never buy a pet but rather adopt one because frankly speaking, it’s pretty unfair to the poor animals who are trying to survive in the shelters with hopes of someone rescuing them. We get it that everyone has their own choice of breeds and wouldn’t want to compromise with that but hey, at the end of the day, regardless of the breeds, all of our four-legged creatures are equally adorable!

According to a survey, there’s a huge number of pets that are being abandoned and kept in shelters. We are also aware of the fact that a majority of our readers are pet lovers and we anticipate that almost all of them have at least 1 pet at home whom they care for so much. In today’s article, our main purpose is to encourage our old and new readers to adopt and not shop. We have gathered up some of the most beautiful and adorable pictures of pets who were adopted and turned out to be incredibly cute AF!

These pictures might just convince you to drop the idea of opting for a specific breed because all animals are beautiful in their own ways and deserve a furever home! So, we suggest that you start scrollin’ now;

1. “This little pup is named Hero and he was too shy at first. Now she’s 25 pounds and trusts humans a lot more!”

via © misspotatohead/Imgur

2. This is such a sad and a happy picture!

via © Clouderr/Imgur

3. Look at this adorable kitty!

via © DunkinDazzle/Imgur© DunkinDazzle/Imgur

4. “My dog Wynter went from living in the streets to relaxing in my backyard.”

via © Coolmorecooties/Reddit

5. Take a look at these adorable pups after they were adopted! Such a happy picture.

via © carris/Imgur

6. This guy’s name is Lucky and you can see how happy he is after being adopted!

via © Emilizola/Imgur

7. Look at this gorgeous doggo trying to fit onto his new sofa!

via © flashgg/Imgur© flashgg/Imgur

8. If this picture doesn’t make you feel happy and sad at the same time then we don’t know what will.

via © aranjevi/Imgur© aranjevi/Imgur

9. “The minute he met my other dog, he lit up like a Christmas tree.”

via © shesafiresignyouknow/Imgur

10. We love it how this kitty is being spoiled and cared after the adoption!

via © everlastingwhy/Imgur

11. “Adopting Kaia was one of my best decisions ever!”

via © caobf/Reddit

12. This picture speaks a thousand words, indeed.

via © Mawrgoon/Imgur© Mawrgoon/Imgur

13. “Piper was adopted and trained to help her owner who has a medical condition. She went from homeless to a loving family and a full-time job!”

via © StrangerOnThelnternet/Imgur

Some of these pictures are just too much for us to handle. It’s fine if you are trying to control your tears because seeing these animals finding a furever home is truly wholesome! Keep scrollin’ because we have got a few more emotional one’s coming up ahead!

14. Meet Bella, she’s one of the fluffiest pups!

via © Sepanian/Imgur© Sepanian/Imgur

15. Say hello to this bad boy!

via © rel318/Imgur

16. This is one of the cutest pictures ever!

via © mycatseatbetterthanIdo/Imgur

17. “Duke is a 3-year-old greyhound who was surrendered after the Australian greyhound racing ban.”

via © KnightsofCydonia/Imgur

18. This picture is so satisfying! Just look at how happy and calm this pup is after getting adopted.

via © Chaipier/Imgur

19. “Here’s Sabrina. No one was willing to adopt her and I couldn’t find a single reason WHY! So, I decided to give her the life she deserves!”

via © caobf/Reddit

20. It’s amazing what love and care can do…

via © whatbar/Imgur

21. Look at those beautiful odd eyes!

via © Naut1calNonsense6/Imgur

22. Here’s Goku. She was shy and sad when we first brought her home but after 3 years, you can see the happiness!

via © MatthewCarlVegeta/Imgur

23. “Meet Kasper! He’s only a pup and travelled all the way from Romania to join us in the UK.”

via © LittleMissZombiebait/Imgur

24. This is Zola and not only she’s beautiful but a poser too!

via © motherofdogs12/imgur

25. Here’s Bindu and he always knew he’s going to become the boss of the house.

via © timothytrismegistus33/Imgur

26. This is Maia, who loves her scarf!

via © aconn1992/Imgur

27. Well, this adorable pup has a first and last name! He’s known as Zane Gray.

via © JuanOffhue/Imgur

As we have reached the end of the post, we are hoping that these pictures made you realize that every animal is beautiful and they deserve the same treatment and love just as some high profile breed animal would! Let us know if we were able to convince you to adopt an animal? Feel free to use the comments section below.

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