Old Couple Cruises On Adorable “Puppy Train” With Their 19 Rescued Dogs

Old Couple Cruises On Adorable “Puppy Train” With Their 19 Rescued Dogs

  • By Saif
  • May 11, 2021
  • 3 minutes read

Have you ever seen a puppy train with 19 dogs riding on it!?

A retired couple named Paul and Alice Johnston is the ultimate dog lovers! They have a house full of 19 dogs. Yeah, you read it right, 19 dogs! They live in Lehigh Acres, Florida. Ten years ago, the retired Johnstons moved to Playas del Coco, Costa Rica, with four dogs, three parrots, and three cats in tow. This shows that they’ve always been pet lovers. That is when they started noticing abandoned dogs who were homeless and dogs who were injured. They took it upon themselves to treat these dogs, clean their wounds and provide a home for them. The couple has since returned to the U.S. and settled in Florida, where they’ve developed a brand new pet-inspired hobby.

Apart from giving a home to these dogs, the couple has a peculiar habit. Walking 19 dogs was a tiresome activity that the couple couldn’t do. It’s an essential activity for dogs to get them accustomed to their environment and the people around them. When it was too difficult to walk the dogs around the neighbourhood, they started a new pet passion named “Wonderland Express”.

Wonderland Express is basically a “puppy train” pulled by a lawnmower so the whole family could take a weekly cruise around town each week. They’ve become a wondrous spectacle for their community when each week they come out with dogs in a puppy train and provide so much entertainment to the people.

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“When we would have one that we couldn’t find a home for, we adopted. Of course, we thought, mhm 19 dogs — it’s going to be a nightmare,” Alice told during an interview.

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As Alice told USA Today, “Once we adopt them, they’re family.”

The couple is an epic example of people who are too kind and go out of their way to rescue dogs and animals in need. This couple definitely restores our faith in humanity that good people do exist and these people are the reason why we deserve dogs in our lives.

“Some people think we’re crazy,” Paul said. “It’s probably true.”

Even though two of their dogs, Big Mommy and Snappy don’t go for their weekly ride, the rest of the pups rush to the cart when they hear Paul revving up the engine.

This spectacle is enjoyed by people a lot! They come out with their kids and pets to see Paul riding his Wonderland Express with his dogs and Alice trailing along in her bike.

“People videotape us every Friday. It’s so funny, people will bring their dogs out to see us, and they’ll bring their children out to see us,” Alice said. “We knew it was a big hit in the community. It’s funny because sometimes they wave at the dogs, and I’m thinking, ‘I wish my dogs could wave back,’ cause they would.”

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The Wonderland Express is not just a fun ride for the dogs. It’s Alice and Paul’s way of encouraging the people to adopt dogs in the neighbourhood who are in dire need of a family.

“We have adoptions signs, just to give people an idea to let them know what we’re doing,” the couple said.

We are so blessed to have people like Paul and Alice in this world who love dogs and are a symbol of strength and courage for the community.

Here’s a video of their adorable puppy train which has been the talk of the town!

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