40+ Delightful Cat Videos To Get You Through The Day

40+ Delightful Cat Videos To Get You Through The Day

  • By Hashir
  • October 26, 2020
  • 3 minutes read

It’s fall now, the days are short while the nights are long, but the day time still seems to be stretched out a little bit longer due to this whole Covid-19 situation. We’re all in our homes, hoping things would go back to being normal soon. That’s not just us who can’t wait to go back to normal life, but our beloved felines as well. They just desperately want us to stay outside like before so they can carry on with their everyday routine without having anyone interrupting them by making their videos.

Yup, that’s right! The internet is over loaded with cat videos and all thanks goes to the kind cat owners who put themselves on the verge of getting scratched by their cats while making delightful videos for us all. No mater how dull and boring the days may get, cat videos always save us and bring us back to being our happiest selves. They help us relax our minds and relief stress. So, if you’ve been having a bad day lately or you’re just tired of everybody’s bullsh*t. Here are 44 delightful cat videos to get you through the day. Scroll down and enjoy.

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Cute little furry surprise!

Oh my! They are the cutest.

Unboxing cats.

Cats just love to sit in boxes. You can spend hundreds of dollars on cat beds and the cats would still choose to place their furry little butts in boxes. That’s because boxes make them feel safe and secure. They feel safe in small and confined spaces. It’s more of a psychological thing. Cats used to live in the wild before being domesticated. Therefore, a lot of the things they do are still influenced by their desires of being wild and free.

This catto clearly wants more pets.

It’s milk time!

The cat just got herself back into the bag.

When kittens learn to jump.

“Is there something on my head?”

Smol kittens beating the heat at the beach.

Let’s play hide and seek.

That’s how you rescue a scared cat.

When cats are extra comfortable around their new owner.

“No, no! Let it spin.”

Knock! Knock! Is cat home?

Kitty kisses.

Catto teaching its little one “How to be a cat.”

It’s play time!

Sleepy Kitties.

Cats love the sound of the plastic bags.

Sucker for a nice massage.

Cat hugs are the cutest!

“What the? Hooman!! Get it off!!”

Get ready for a kitty attack!

Little miss chonky paws.

It’s tummy rubs time!

“Catto no share favorite toys!”

It must be 3:00am.

Ahh! That seems relaxing.

Cat putting the snake’s ass back into its place.

That’s a perfect kitty burrito.

Cats just love boxes.

Just a tired mama and her bundles of joy.

Till death do us part.

Cats are simply too dramatic.

Here comes the claw!

Moms will always be moms.

“Pet me hooman! Pet me.”

Cat meets the rooster.

Sleepy fluffs.

Cats are basically just kids with lots of fur.

Nothing like a snugly nap.

The third wheel.

The cutest wink ever.

When mom has scolded you a little too hard.

We can watch these cat videos all day long. They are absolutely precious. Which cat video did you guys like the best? Let us know in the comments below.

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