20 Animals Who Have Human DNA

  • By Saif
  • September 25, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

Animals are precious creatures who are loved by us for their distinctive characteristics and qualities. We absolutely love them for being true to themselves but when these animals display behaviours that are similar to our behaviours and actions, we adore it! Humans are obsessed with themselves and they think other creatures should copy them and when they do, humans are filled with joy and excitement.

While we think there’s an equal probability that we are copying them but no one’s ready for that conversation. So we will go with the flow and claim these animals imitated our actions. So according to this theory, animals unintentionally copy human’s actions that is why they are easily trained by their human owners for some activities. The idea that they are copying us makes them 100x more cuter. Their silly attempts never fail to melt our hearts. While some animals imitate people’s actions accurately, some make fools of themselves and it’s hilarious AF.

Scroll down to see these adorable creatures imitating humans for yourselves!

1. Everyone needs this kind of hug and support from time to time

That peck on the forehead though!

2. When your child is exposing your lies in front of everyone!

“But momma you said…”

3. Doggos are more enthusiastic about learning than hoomans!

We need doggos as our learning companions as well!

4. When your best friend spills all the tea for you and you’re are SHOOK

“So you are telling me that kitty ran away from her house with another hooman!”

5. This sheep knows how to thank doggo for protecting them against wolf attack!

love this tradition!

6. We don’t know who’s copying whom!

This is too adorable!

7. Doggo loves to express it’s love for its mini pup!

The immense happiness on papa dog’s face is too precious!

8. This kitty has taken the role of a grandma on the dinner table!

The old soul seems so tired!

9. This kitty not letting go of her friend even at the vet!

Friendship goals!

10. We want such sights to be normalized! Love how people are accepting it too without making a fuss!

This doggo had a hard day at work!

No, gladly you have not reached the end of this post! If you think you have seen all, you are mistaken because we have many more of these adorable precious animals imitating humans. Scroll down to see for yourself!

11. This doggo is a proud employee of Pets At Home! Look at that greeting smile!

We would visit every day just to meet this doggo!

12. Look who’s a fan of art in this family!

Purr-fect reaction!

13. “Momma said you gotta protect your lil sister at any cost!”

Look at this lil sister feeling all special!

14. All of us when our moms used to dress us up in childhood!

The doggo doesn’t look too happy about it either!

15. How we sleep on weekends!

Without a worry in the world!

16. A dog waiting patiently for its hooman to get done with his work!

How cute is this!

17. This doggo lives on the street but prefers to eat from people’s homes!

Doggo got some standards!

18. This kitty waiting for the red light so it can cross the road!

We love good citizen-cat!

19. This kitty knows how essential massaging is!


20. This drummer-doggo inherited the love for music from its hooman!

Such a happy drummer!

We have reached the end of this post and we are sad because we were having so much fun looking at all these animals imitating human actions. it surely was too heartwarming and wholesome for us. the fact that our prized possessions act like us is surely the best feeling ever! Hope you enjoyed it too! Which one did you like the most? Let us know in the comment section below and share the pictures of your pets imitating humans as well! Don’t forget to share it with your family and friends!

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