15 Sneaky Dogs Who Always Win Hide-And-Seek

  • By Umer R
  • August 9, 2021
  • 5 minutes read
Sneaky dog hidden dogs challenge

Have you ever tried to play hide and seek with your dog?

Well, our little puppers never fail to surprise us! You know why? Because chameleon’s are not the only one who could blend into their environments. No, sir. Even dogs can! And they can be extremely good at winning at this game. It’s one of the most fun-filled activities to play hide and seek with your dog. Not only it’s fun but it comes with an advantage too! Try hiding at a spot where your dog is unable to see you and then call out his name. This practice will reinforce your dog to come to you whenever you’d call out his name. Once your pup manages to find you, give him some treats to encourage the behavior while keeping him happy.

It’s truly amazing what our little puppers are capable of. It’s like you don’t even need a human in your life anymore to be there for you because your doggo will always have you covered, no matter what! They are a complete package of entertainment and security – literally everything you’d need! However, a facebook page which goes by the name of Dogspotting Society, has given us a challenge and it’s definitely not a piece of a cake. The “Hidden Dog Challenge” is going to prove how some dogs are just too good at blending into their environments that you’re gonna have to look twice or even thrice to spot them.

Anyways, buckle up folks because we have got some spotting to do now! And it’s going to be a lot of fun. Some of the pups are way too good at hiding while the others…well, they are still learning and it’s truly hilarious! Keep scrolling to begin the “Hidden Dog Challenge”!

1. “I was grilling and felt like I was being watched….” Don’t forget to double-check the backyard!

via Facebook

Hint – Take a look at the swing!

2. “I thought it was obvious where he was at when I posted this on my own page but everyone just kept commenting on the yellow chair. I think only a couple people realized my dog was in the pic.”

via Facebook

Well, this one is definitely interesting!

3. “When asked if she wants to go for a walk, this la-z-girl tries to blend in with her bed.”

via Facebook

This has got to be one of the fluffiest pupper ever!

4. We can’t seem to find out our pup!

via Facebook

I think we should just keep this toy as a pup.

5. “I can’t seem to find my boy. Daddy is covered in a fluffy blanket in his chair, but where’s the dog? He was hiding from his medicine.”

via Facebook

You might have to look twice.

6. “She decided not to answer when I called, and I was having a mild panic attack trying to find her. Turns out she was asleep behind some books.”

via Facebook

She’s definitely not sleeping, but hiding!

7. Well… this one’s still learning.

via Facebook

Doggo be like, “Hah! Stoopid hooman can never find me here”

We are halfway through and we are pretty sure that these dogs are giving you the hardest time of your live trying to spot them! Some of the dogs are just “too good” for us to spot them while the others trying to hide turns out to be one of the most hilarious moments! Keep scrolling and you will know why.

8. “Roscoe prefers Under-The-Tree Stealth Mode.”

via Facebook

This one surely knows how to hide under the tree!

9. This one might slightly be difficult!

via Facebook

But someone’s peaking at you, only if you can spot him!

10. Lola was here just a minute ago! Has anyone seen her?

via Facebook

Nope, we definitely haven’t seen her anywhere.

11. Abigail is trying to help with the laundry.

via Facebook

Well, that’s her way of helping.

12. There are two dogs in the picture but we are sure you can’t spot the other one.

via Facebook

What? Behind the curtains? No, that’s a cat.

13. Spot the pupper in this room!

via Facebook 

Hint – He’s very very tiny!

14. I wanted to get a dog who could match the velvet of my couch.

via Facebook

But I didn’t think about the repercussions.

15. Can you find the little spy in this picture?

via Facebook

This dog has definitely mastered the art of hiding.

We have reached the end of this post but we hope you had a good time while trying to spot these adorable little puppers. Do you play hide-and-seek with your dog? If so, tell us about your dogs best hiding spot, down in the comments section!

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