Life With Dogs Is Too Much Fun & These Snaps Prove It

We all know how awesome dogs really are, well, most of us do anyway! These adorable silly beings leave us wanting more of them. Sometimes, however, we tend to forget how blessed we are to have them in our lives. We even underestimate their importance or how fun living with a dog actually is. Dogs show affection in a different way, obviously. They won’t always run around or lick your face in happiness. They do things out of the blue that might be hard for you to understand, but make perfect sense in dog logic. What so ever it may be, it does make us laugh out loud.

Since this year has been nothing but tough, it’s safe to say we all need a little reminder to appreciate what we actually do have in life.  Not to worry – these snaps will remind you of all that! And if you do not own a dog yet, these pictures of our four-legged furry friends will show you just how enjoyable life can be when you have them around.

Are you in for some fun? Scroll below to see these amazing snaps that you might fall in love with!

1. Hmm, looks delicious!

We thought this was a sugared donut.

2. ‘Wait…It’s not what it looks like’

No matter how hard he tries, that face gives it away.

3. A rare dog seen in his natural habitat.

Dogs love some adventure. We love that face too 😉

4. How we all felt coming back from school…

Totally relatable!

5. This dog leaves no opportunity to show off his toofers.

Sometimes you just gotta let it be.

6. If you expect the unexpected….

Then surely the expected would be unexpected. Exactly with this dog…

Don’t pick favorites just yet, we’ve got more! And yes, we know, dogs are the best comedians out there. We are definitely not denying that. They also spread so much love that sometimes it’s hard to handle. Plus! they look so cute and adorable when they are being mischievous, how can one ever resist? Keep scrolling for more irresistible snaps of these wonderful doggos.

7. Everybody deserves some love – doggo-love

Big dogs…smol dogs..all dogs…

8. When you were only flirting because you were bored and now…

Sadly, there’s no going back.

9. The husband didn’t…

The dog broke itself.

10. ‘I don’t always guard. But when I do, I make sure to do it from the comfort of my home’

Pretty smart for a doggo, right?

11. ‘You gotta be kiddin’ me. Aqua puppy doesnt ex-‘

Who let the dogs…or seals out anyways?

12. When you want attention but tryna keep it low key…

Just popped in to say ‘Henlo hooman!’ 

Didn’t these dogs make you want to have more dogs? Because same! I didn’t just give my doggo the biggest squeeze hug ever… Well, nobody saw that anyway.

What did you think of these awesome doggos? Let us know in the comments section below. And if you happen to be a dog owner, let us know how that makes your life better and fun. We would love to hear those fun stories and look at some cute AF snaps!


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