Hilarious Stories About Cats From Tumblr That Perfectly Defines Cat Life

Cats are the cutest little creatures to walk on the surface of the earth.

With their little face and soft bellies, they can easily make their way into our hearts. Anything they do, we can’t help but love them more. As we know, cats and dogs are the most famous creatures on earth, owners of both the species must be nodding their heads with pride. But, we’re not here to host a cat vs dog fight. We’re only here to talk about how adorable cats can be and to hear stories about a cat’s life, which is something really amusing, especially when you don’t own one. But we guess you don’t have to worry too much because the internet is filled with hilarious cat stories from different parts of the world.

We stumbled upon the best cat stories that their owners have shared on Tumblr. We decided to give it a shot at making you guys laugh because we kid you not, these stories are hilarious. These posts will definitely make you believe that cats are up to something most of the times, and it isn’t just love that you think of. These clever little kitties know what’s good.

So scroll down below and start reading these hilarious posts to make your day a better and brighter one.

1. Cats and their love for crunchy stuff..

I see it, I like it, I want it, I GOT IT.

2. Satisfied cats are the happiest.

You cannot go wrong with that. EVER!!

3. I’m sold already!

And most importantly, you discourage the racism amongst animals as well, which is there, sadly.

4. F.D.C. Willard, A renowned author, everyone:

This makes me want to become a cat.

5. Just a friendly talk with the cat…nothing serious.

‘You goddamn freeloader.’ Hey, didn’t you know what cats are all about, beforehand?

6. If it warms, I sits. Simple as that.

100% Mozzarella? Hmmm furry cheesy.

7. This cat has something to say…

But we’re too dumb to understand. Damn hoomans!!!

We can surely tell that we have got you hooked over these stories. Although we’re not really up for long stories but if they’re about cats…We. Don’t. Mind. In fact, we’d love to read every cat story there is on the internet. Keep going, you don’t wanna miss the rest of the stories.

8. You have been blessed!

With the cat’s majestic existence.

9. The cat has spoken!

Therefore, I shall be in my bedroom doing what the cat wants.

10. Little does the doctor know…

What happens at home, stays at home.

11. Yeah, tell us more?

Nawwwww. You don’t say!!

12. The problem with some people is that they don’t understand..

If cats could talk, they wouldn’t. They would just meow their way out.

13. Some important questions need to be answered.

‘You smell good. What scent are you wearing?’ Me: ‘my cat’.

14. And some science for you…

Superiority level: Touching the sky.

Oh my god, weren’t these the funniest posts you’ve read about cats in a while? We thought they were absolutely adorable…and funny of course. As much as we love cats as pets, we love hearing cat stories. They give a new reason to love them even more. What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments below. We’d love to hear from you.

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