26 Monster Cats Who Wrecked Their Owner’s World

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  • August 25, 2020
  • 7 minutes read

They say ‘Cats are evil’ and well, that is 100% true.

These fluffy adorable four-legged creatures that we like to call cats and sometimes our pets, are a pure menace. They can turn from little fluffy balls to evil, grumpy, moody, and cranky within a short span of time. There is no doubt that they’re the naughtiest pets on earth. And this makes you want to be extra cautious when they’re around. If we were you, we’d sleep with one eye open. But that certainly isn’t the case with cats because as far as we know, these cats aren’t guilty and are definitely likely to do it again. So, you might wanna keep just a few things out of their view before they get their paws on it. For instance, toilet rolls, curtains, furniture, plants, and pretty much everything that is in that house.

They can’t help but act monstrously around the house with every chance they get. Sometimes it would be just out of boredom, others we don’t really know. But what we know is that they’re just doing so because they enjoy letting loose the monster in them once in every few minutes. And that can totally be problematic for the owners. Lucky for us, they still appear cute to us and we love them. Regardless of what they do, we still love them at the end of the day. Because that is what this cat-person relationship is all about; having to keep up with your cat’s mischievousness.

We found a bunch of these evil cat moments on r/catsareassholes, and wanted to share a few with you guys. You’re definitely up for a good laugh with these, we tell ya.

1. Not my fault, I was just trying to get my toy.

via u/ChintzyTurtle

‘Whatever I did, I didn’t do it’

2. Maybe the fishy was tired of swimming and perhaps wanted to take a little walk.

via u/slowf3

Pretty neat at first. Things only get worse when you search how to pick it up.

3. When you try to stop yourself from killing your younger sibling but you’re slowly losing your shit.

via u/hearbenji

Gotta do something for the comfort of our soul.

4. Are you going to stop annoying me or not?

via TCTom

It was a bad idea to place a cat bed near the wires…Too late to realize.

5. Well, I just wanted to peak out through the window but these curtains were blocking my view.

via u/trechswjakow

Oh, but before you judge me, remember the cat loves you.

6. Didn’t you say this is my new bed?

via u/Porespellar

‘If it’s not for sits, then why is it so warm?’

7. And you thought you can just eat peacefully while I’m hungry?

via u/allywarner

Wanna hear a joke? Never mind, it’s too cheesy…with a pinch of cat hair.

8. How do you like the new design I made? No?

via Baabaaredsheep

Don’t let that face ever fool you. We repeat, NEVER!!!

9. Just like the heroes walk away after bombing the building.

via u/makerfan18

Hmmmm. How very typical of this cat.

10. How many times do I have to tell you NOT to disturb me while I’m sleeping on something that belongs to you? I’m your Master!

via u/redditmash

A humans worst nightmare is THIS FACE.

11. Is this doggo’s bed?

via u/Erpverts

I don’t see his name on it.

12. Well, the toilet roll was just about to attack you but I came in time.

via u/laureng7715

So, stop making me feel so guilty, George.

13. When parents aren’t home and you bully your little sibling.

via u/Spoopy_Scary

‘I’m doing this because I love you’…The cat trap is working.

We’re not gonna lie, but we’re loving these monster cats. Although, they do seem a litttllleee…Ok, a lot evil but would you look at how cute they look? They’re definitely giving their owners a tough time with that evil mind of theirs. If you’re still wondering what else they can do, then keep scrolling. There are a few shockers in there for you.

14. Come on, you were not going to cook, were you?

via u/FatBryatt

Yeah, just some fluffy pancake would sound nice right now.

15. “My wife and our cat Olivia are in a constant battle for control of my wife’s pregnancy pillow. Yesterday, the cat won.”

via u/AxlCobainVedder

Wasn’t it obvious from the beginning?

16. Hey, you are awake? Before you judge me, know that I love you.

via u/littlebronco

The face we make when we get ourselves into trouble.

17. Isn’t that how the Spiderman was kissing the girl in the movie? Yeah, I was just practising that.

via u/WzKy 

I came in like a wrecking ball: Cat version.

18. Well, that is my litter box and I can pee wherever I feel comfortable.

via u/lou-jay94

‘You’re hired. Now clean up!’ – This cat to their hooman.

19. What? You only had to give me some attention but all you do is watch that goddamn stupid shows on this TV. Well, you’re all mine now.

via r/aww

Guilty? Yes. Sorry? Definitely Not.

20. “He pushed the middle towel off the bed so he could snuggle between the other two”

via  u/catsandclavicles

This is how I roll..

21. “This asshole who scratches the couch and sits on the scratching post.”

via u/ShamelessDisaster

In the cat’s defence, there were no directions on the couch.

22. I was just trying to decorate the tree, I swear.

via u/lilymagil

At least, now we know who is on the naughty list.

23. Out of all the spots in the house, this is where he decided to sit.

via u/SharrieStrawberry

‘Ummm, is there something I can help you with?’

24. Oh, I’m sorry I don’t know how I got stuck in here but I’m just trying to find my way out of this.

via u/Valens

We can only imagine what happened after. No wait, we can’t.

25. “My cat occasionally visits our neighbours. Today she came back with a little snack.”

via u/Knoxpat

No wayyyyy. You gotta be chickin’ me.

26. Can you hear me, Jason?

via u/Siyfion

Heyyy!! Just focus on the love…even if it’s suffocating.

Now what a wonderful day to look at these cats being themselves. Sounds weird, right? Because it is. These cats and their little naughty acts need to get some serious cleaning. And poor owners, we’re rooting for you!!! We know you can get through this. But anyways, these cats aren’t on a mission 24/7. We hope they smothered their owners with love and cuddles to make up for the mess they’ve created. And all is well that ends well, isn’t it? What do you think about these mischievous cats? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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