20 Elderly Pets That Reminds Us To Enjoy Every Moment With Them

  • By Malaika
  • July 30, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

We should try to enjoy every moment of our lives.

Because no one knows how long we have on this Earth so it is better to make our days count. And the same goes for animals. While we may not know what goes on in their head. What we do know is we want to spend the most time we can with our pets.

After a while, they become a part of our family and it is always heartbreaking when their time in this world comes to an end. There is no doubt that your pet’s life will end a long time before your life does so that’s what makes ‘living in the moment’ even more important.

And the best way to do that is by creating lots of memories whether by celebrating birthdays or taking pictures. That is why today we are celebrating the pets who have been with us for a long time and to show them, love. Scroll on below and take a look.

Source: Reddit

#1 Not gonna lie, she looks a bit grumpy.

My beloved cat is turning 20 today. She lives with my parents, and I’m driving over to congratulate her.

#2 He looks quite happy to be in the sun.

My 16-year-old dog can’t walk anymore, but we hated the idea of going on a family outing and leaving her behind!

#3 She doesn’t look a day over 5.

This lady still looks fantastic at the age of 23!

#4 ‘Is this steak for me?’

#5 She is not impressed with the amount she was sold for.

7 years ago, I decided to adopt the cheapest cat in the shelter. This guy proved to be the best $10 I’ve ever spent. Meet Hank, age 12!

#6 Aging like fine wine.

This guy is 15 and he’s only getting cuter with age!

#7 It’s her 15th birthday!

#8 Someone is coming for the grumpy cats’ throne.

This 14-year-old beauty is named Marceline. I love her with all my heart!

#9 She wants to stick her head out the window.

Meet Roksi! She’s a 16-year-old mixed-breed.

#10 Just look at that adorable face!

This is Papi, my best friend! He turns 12 soon and I think the world of him!

#11 Happy birthday to this good boi.

This old man turned 15 today. Let’s all wish him a Happy Birthday!

#12 She can tell you love her with all your heart.

Meet Abby! She’s 22. She can barely meow nowadays, and a bit of her left ear is missing. But she’s still the cutest cat on earth!

#13 You’re more than just getting along.

I adopted this 13-year-old girl 2 weeks ago. I think we’re really getting along.

#14 She isn’t impressed with the pink sparkly dress.

My Japanese friend’s cat has just turned 15.

#15 How this kitty be 14 years old already?

#16 He is 18, finally old enough to go to a club!

#17 She is tired after the hard day at work.

Not many farm cats live to be 18, but Carrot is among the lucky few!

#18 This chonkers is actually 11 years old.

#19 I think it’s time for her nap.

We’ve lost count, but this cat must be over 20 years old. She’s always been a bit wayward, but she used to purr whenever I’d pet her as a child.

#20 Always a puppy in his own heart.

I can’t run or jump, but I can give you kisses and cuddles. I can’t hear well, but I’ll wag my tail whenever I see you. I may look old, but in my heart, I will always be a puppy!


How old is your pet? And how long ago did you adopt them? Comment down below and let us know. Don’t forget to show some love to these old kitties and doggos by sharing it with your friends.

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