30 Wholesome Transformation Stories Of Dogs Who Lost Weight

30 Wholesome Transformation Stories Of Dogs Who Lost Weight

  • By Malaika
  • June 24, 2020
  • 10 minutes read

Losing weight is not as easy as it seems. 

It requires a lot of hard work, counting your calories exercise, and patience. Trust me I know since I haven’t been able to do it yet. However, it’s a bit different for dogs. Since they are not usually in this journey alone. Their families are the ones who have to take care of their pets. And that includes not letting them get too fat.

Now, I am well aware that a chonker doggo looks absolutely adorable but that cuteness isn’t great for their health. It is akin to hurting your animal intentionally. Since obesity does hurt their health in the longterm.

This is what Dr. Ernie Ford had to say about pet obesity.

Dogs suffering from obesity have a much greater risk of developing arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, and cancer. Studies also show that dogs with obesity live about 2.5 years less than those at a healthy weight.

More recent research proves that overweight or dogs with obesity have a lower quality of life, as reported by their pet parents.

To put it bluntly, the fact is that dogs with obesity aren’t able to live and enjoy their best lives, and we must do better.

Ernie Ford

#1 We are all proud of Buddy!

Via strikeoutsteph

My 90yo neighbor hasn’t walked her dog in years so I volunteered to do it for her. When I first meet Buddy the poor guy could barely walk/waddle without getting out of breathe.

He hated the leash and refused to leave his owner’s side so I had to carry him down the street and force him to walk back. Now he loves his daily walks and can even run.

So proud of Buddy!

#2 Healthy habits can change your life.

Via Dennis’ Legacy

I controlled what he ate and exercised him and the pounds just melted off. Fancy that — just like humans, it’s all diet and exercise.

#3 Such a handsome boy.

Via raabixr

This good boy has better eyebrows than I do. -MagicalUnicorn

#4 Looking cooler than ice-cream here.

Via lusealdog

I thought I’d share our most popular (and hotly debated) before and after photo so you can see how far I’ve come.

For those of you asking how I lost the weight – it was just plain old fashioned diet and exercise! Mom cut me down to 250 calories a day based on the vet’s recommendation and we walked as much as I could tolerate.

Soon 10 foot walks turned into mile long walks and the pounds fell off!

#5 My new year resolutions never work out but kudos to you!

Via kai100less

If you’re considering a New Year resolution, think about making yourself a priority. From thick to svelte.

#6 The pose in the after picture is everything.

Via kalechipsthedog

For those who haven’t seen the before and after… 86.4 down to 44.4 pounds.

He continues.

I prefer walking to most other exercises because that’s what dogs were designed to do best and most naturally. Plus, it’s free! When walking, be sure to use a walking harness and not a neck or choke collar to prevent injury to the trachea or windpipe region of the throat and neck.

Younger and more active dogs may lose a little more, depending on the amount of exercise the pet parent can provide. The most important thing to do is to monitor the weight each month. If your dog isn’t losing the appropriate amount of weight in three months, you need to change the strategy.

#7 Shiloh looks great now.

Via keeping.up.with.shiloh

Before & After 2/17 114 lbs. (halfway through his weight loss journey) 1/19 75 lbs. (current weight)! Looking good Shiloh!

#8 It took a lot of walks but he has prevailed.

Via loveOpossum

Luna is a 2 year old rescue we brought home about 6 months ago, and she was an absolute unit. She’s lost about ten pounds. Now she can really get after those squirrels!

#9 The difference between these pictures is quite clear.

Via dobbie.zeus

Zeus is a proof anything is possible if you work hard enough for it! You are looking at 10 month difference. 107lbs vs 82lbs. 10 months of healthy diet, exercise supported by thyroid medicine.

Zeus, you were always perfect to me but now you are so much healthier. Mom is so proud of you and of herself too for being strong enough to help you transform into this healthy pup you’ve always meant to be! I am sorry I let you get to the 107lbs mark.

Should have taken care of this long time ago. And loving doesn’t mean feeding you whatever you desire. You still beg for table scraps but we always find a healthier alternative for you.

#10 Loving the new red scarf.

Via OkieDogDad

It has taken 2 years since we adopted her, but Reba has dropped more than half her weight and I couldn’t be more proud of her.

#11 He couldn’t even stand up before.

Via chalkandcheese.nelsonb

BEFORE & AFTER: We adopted on Oct. 27th. She was very overweight and could barely lean over to lick herself. She’s been working really hard along her weight loss journey!

She’s lost a pound a week and gained so much energy! We are so proud of our little tank – look at her progress!

#12 That face says it all.

Via suki.angel.baby

One year ago vs today. 19 lbs vs 8.2 lbs

Can you believe that’s me?!

#13 An absolutely majestic doggo.

Via keeping.up.with.shiloh

I’m a new pup! Sharing some pics from Shilohs weight loss journey. Before (10/16) & After (1/19) – Down 72 lbs!

#14 She is looking fit as a fiddle now.

Via DieJenkins

My friends dog, Gracie, was starting to get a little chunky so he put her on a diet. 5 months later and Gracie is looking pretty fit!

#15 Transformed into a new pup.

Via suki.angel.baby

Even my face looks different. I’m definitely a brand new pup!

As Dr. Ward puts it.

When people ask me if it’s better for a dog or cat to have obesity, I tell them ‘neither.’ Obesity is a disease and, as a veterinarian, I swore an oath to prevent animal disease and suffering.

My goal is to prevent pet obesity and I’ve spent the last twenty years researching and teaching nutrition and weight loss methods to committed veterinary professionals and concerned pet parents.

For dogs and humans, the weight-loss equation is about 60% to 70% diet and 30% to 40% physical activity. For cats, a species with different physiology and metabolism, it’s about 90% diet and only 10% exercise.

#16 It was hard to roll over but now he can jump around as much as he wants.

Via Wolfgang’s Weight Loss Journey

Guys, check out the picture of me doing “The Wolf” the beginning of June compared to November! Even when I was close to 90 pounds, I knew I wanted to live a life without limits.

However, I wasn’t sure I would be able to roll back over! (Also, Mom wasn’t sure I could roll back over either, so she didn’t let me go outside unsupervised).

However, I knew I had to start somewhere; the first few days were the hardest, but I’ve never looked back!

#17 Damn, He was a true chonker.

Via CrankyGravy

My dog that’s lost half his body weight.

#18 She certainly looks very proud of herself.

Via theladydog.shiva

Can you believe it’s the same dog?! The first picture is taken 2 months after we picked her up and the second was one around New years eve.

So about 10 months between and 10kg lighter! Can still not believe our eyes!

#19 Such an adorable corgi.

Via funnygal1224

My sister’s corgi. From 40 lbs to 22 lbs!

#20 A smaller and healthier Noah.

Via noahthechubbycorgi

When mumma got me in April 2017, I weighed 70 lbs! I was quite a big boy!!! Thus the nickname Noah the Chubby Corgi was born. Mumma knew she wanted me to be as healthy as possible so that I wouldn’t develop hip problems and wanted to make sure I could live a long life, so she immediately put me on a diet and exercise plan.

We went for two walks a day, measured my food rations, and I ate green beans and carrots as fat free snacks! It was hard work and I got tired a lot because my energy levels were low.

Today, I am at a healthy weight according to the vet at 50 lbs! I have since climbed mountains 700 ft tall and gone on 6 mile hikes without stopping! Mumma says she’s really proud of me!

Though this is my known nickname now, I’m actually a smaller Noah than I was 3 years ago, but with the same huge personality!

#21 He is much easier to hold now though.

Via builtbyjimmy

Dear Squishy,
I would carry you even if you weighed 1000lb.

#22 The perfect pair right here.

Via scarletnsimba

Scarlet and Simba Before and after pictures. Scarlet lost 5 lbs and Simba lost 7lbs in 3 months!

#23 He looks so content now.

Via petfitclub

At more than double his ideal weight, Duke was morbidly obese before Pet Fit Club. Now he’s lost 5kg, 8.3% of his bodyweight and is weighing in at a healthier 55kg.

#24 That is some great progress.

Via mikerich15

Fed junk food and never given any exercise her whole life, Shiloh couldn’t walk more than 10 meters before having to stop and rest.

3 months later, she’s lost 30 pounds and can walk over 1 km without stopping!

#25 I have never related with a dog so much.

Via petfitclub

Kayla is a Mastiff type dog who, at her heaviest, weighed 61kg. Her owner Agnes Higgins admits to having spoilt her beloved pooch in the past – even giving her pizza!

However, she realised she has been overfeeding Kayla and with PDSA’s help, enrolled her on Pet Fit Club. Six months later she has lost 17kg.

#26 You can never get rid of your habits.

Via rooneygirl420

Ruby has been dechonkified for a while now, but I wanted to share. She went from 24.2lbs to 15lbs. She’s still obsessed with food, but I’ll never let her get fat again.

#27 They look like two different dogs.

Via petfitclub

At the beginning of the competition he tipped the scales at 20.5kg, around double his ideal weight.

Six months on he was a far healthier 14.1kg (a loss of 6.4kg) and trimmed an impressive 20cm off his waist, beating 16 other pets to the title of ‘biggest loser’!

#28 What a change!

Via luluthecolliex

One whole year with my hoomuns ❤️ this is me a year ago compared to today!

#29 She has the beach body now.

Via maggiewaggy

Nala is ready for summer. She lost about 7 lbs since she came to our home.

#30 What do you expect when you name your dog Fudge?

Via petfitclub

Fudge has been a bit of a yo-yo dieter over the years, but one thing that never diminished was his love of food: he will eat anything apart from lettuce!

At his heaviest Fudge tipped the scales at a whopping 58kg, at the start of Pet Fit Club he weighed around 52kg. Six months later he’s lost a further 3kg and weighs 48.8kg.

Are your pet’s chonkers? If so what have you done to remedy that? Comment down below and let us know. And don’t forget to share so we can spread awareness about pet obesity.

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