10+ Spoiled Cats That Totally Dominate Their Humans

10+ Spoiled Cats That Totally Dominate Their Humans

  • By Saif
  • May 4, 2021
  • 6 minutes read

Do you think you control your cat? Well, this one is for you!

Anyone who has spent time with cats knows that cats are world conquerors. In fact, cats are part of a race of conquerors, the successful descendants of a winding journey in which cats made use of humans to take over the control of the world. Yes, we’re talking about the notorious beings with whiskers on their faces and how they’ve used their cuteness to let the world know that they’re to be taken seriously and not merely as tiny creatures.

Our feline companions are mysterious in various ways. Whether you accept it or not, they are truly the boss of us. To prove this point, we’ve collected some pictures for you to see what the cats are really like in front of their helpless owners whose only choice remains to let them do whatever the hell they want. So without further ado, let get into it!

1. “Today I spent an hour fixing Newton’s favorite toys. He hasn’t played with either since.”

Via timemanagement77 / Reddit

This sweet tempered owner spent an hour fixing her cat Newton’s favorite toys yet he did not play with them after they were fixed. Well, the owner didn’t have a choice as she is a slave to her cat’s needs.

2. “I knew the cat was spoiled, but my mom just put a spoon of red caviar into his bowl, he ‘dug’ the bowl like he was covering it up, and walked away.”

Via cybernadja / Twitter

3. “I have to pet him before I can go to the toilet. Every. Single. Time.”

Via lineypi / Reddit

This kitty’s owner has to pet his cat every single time he wants to use the toilet. We don’t know about you but to us, this is hilarious!

4. “After I stopped him from chewing on pencils, he decided he’d had enough of it and laid down on top of my book and pencils.”

Via  Dr_Meemz / Reddit

5. “My boyfriend spent 3 months on an outdoor heated cat house for my guy. Hasn’t stepped into it once”.

Via  bathtime85 / Reddit

So the owner’s boyfriend spent 3 whole months trying to build an outdoor heated house for the cat only to be wasted away because the kitty never used it. Well, we can’t blame him as cats are the masters of their own souls and do whatever the hell they want.

6. “I made a gazebo for my cat!”

Via lesbiancandles / Reddit

7. “My cat, Indigo, sometimes jumps in the sink as an attempt to beg me to turn it on. He enjoys water out of the sink more than water out of the bowl.”

Via SuccubusLena / Reddit

Now this cat has a special need. He loves water running out of a faucet instead of water in his bowl. So he begs the owner to open the tap of water so he can have the time of his life.

8. “The most spoiled cat on the planet is the one who meowed at me until I laid out and turned on the electric throw. And then she promptly stole my spot.”


9. “She fell between my legs, trapping me for hours.”


Well, this kitty trapped his owner by falling between his legs. Now the owner can’t disturb him by moving and hence is trapped.

10. “You know your cat is spoiled when he refuses to eat his food in the kitchen and will only chow down where I’m eating too.”

Via Ireekofgeek / Reddit

Cats automatically feel love for those who feed, look after and play with them. They rub themselves against us letting us know that they are friendly with us but slightly superior to us too. The superior behavior they show us is a proof that they think of themselves as majestic beings far too full of themselves. And we don’t complain and easily give in to their needs and requirements because deep down, we know it’s true.

11. “My cat got a couch before I did.”

Via SangriaShark / Reddit

It’s a common practice for cat owners to put the needs of their cats before themselves. This owner bought a couch for his pet even before he could afford a couch for himself. How adorable!

12. “She likes to watch the garbage men, but can’t see out by herself.”

Via british_boondog / Reddit

13. “It’s my birthday, but my gift was for my cats. Spoiled creatures.”

Via victoriavague / Reddit

Similar to the previous situation, this keeper bought presents for the kitty on her own birthday. How sweet!

14. “Wife says the cat is spoiled. I have no idea what she’s talking about.”

Via  unknown author / Imgur

15. “Have you ever seen a more spoiled cat? We just moved into our new place and he has more toys than we have furniture.”

Via Nicolascagerages / Reddit

So this couple just moved into their new home and as you can see, the cat has more toys than the room has furniture which proves how much spoiled cats are.

16. “Spoiled cat doesn’t leave me alone until I put on her show. She really loves bird and fish shows on YouTube.”

Via samplifier / Reddit

17. “DIY’ed a tower for my cats from Amazon boxes. I think they enjoy it!”

Via  ipoopette / Reddit

This keeper built an amazon box castle for his cats and we can’t stop ogling at it. How wonderful!

18. Mom: “So don’t tell dad… but [stage whisper] this pillow for Bob was €70…”

Via  bonojour / Twitter

19. “I stopped petting her and this is what I got.”

Via MC1781 / Reddit

So this cat owner stopped petting her cat and you can see by the image how the kitty is forcing the owner to pet him. The owner has no choice.

20. When the queen demands to play with the ceiling dangles, she gets to play with the ceiling dangles.

Via  Quatrinn / Reddit

So this article sums up the spoiled and superior behaviour of cats towards their owners. Hope you enjoyed these stories. We would love to hear about your pet cat! Do let us know in the comments below how you spoil them every day.

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