Dogs Who Don't Care About Human Rules

Dogs Who Don’t Care About Human Rules

  • By Saif
  • October 14, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

Humans and dogs share a very special bond and it would be fair to say that a man’s best friend acts more like a man than a canine – dog owners should be able to relate themselves with this statement. Dogs can read facial expressions, they can communicate, show their jealousy, display empathy and even watch tv shows with you! These are the people like traits that have been developed by canines over a long period of time. They have been paying close attention, getting along with us, listening to us, following us and thus it has led them to mirror some of the human characters.

Humans are also sometimes very rebellious, they will rebel against rules and not follow them. Rebelliousness is one such trait that the dogs have learned from humans. Common sense says that rules made by humans should only be applicable to humans and animals don’t really have to follow man-made rules, right? But when they don’t follow the rules, we humans get upset! Because giving orders and bossing around is what humans love. But there are times when our dogs show us who is the real boss!

This funny article revolves around such rule-breaking dogs. Some dogs really enjoy deliberately breaking the rules and taking things in their own hands. This hilarious disobedience of dogs will really crack you up! Their ‘IDGAF’ attitude will leave you surprised and astonished! Scroll down and see how these dogs have refused to live their life by the book and neglected your stupid human laws!

1. Bigger the dog, bigger the bag!

via Twitter: @meanboysclub

Just wanna hang out with their owners, even if it means to be inside a bag!

2. That is hilarious AF!

The doggo be like “Damn, now I regret not following the rules”

3. This dog clearly knows that he is the boss!

“Be quick, hooman. Make sure you don’t leave a spot”

4. Did he try to turn himself into a unicorn?

via Twitter: @luxuryxo

One thing is for sure, the adorableness has been doubled!

5. ‘Imma do it all over again if I get a chance!’

‘Don’t look at me like that hooman, that’s what this snitch deserved!’

6. No complains, no demands…

The type of girlfriend we all want.

7. Yes, humans can’t have personal space when dogs are around.

“Imma watch you pee! Call me a stalker but I don’t care!”

8. Now that is one SOLID friend.

via Twitter: @itsthymee

What a meaningful companion!

9. Not giving two shits about its owner.

Want to be this carefree in life..

10. This made me go bonkers…

It’s hilarious how doggo just kept on running without giving a damn about the woman…

11. Aww, just give him food already!

When you are short and no one gives you your due importance.

12. A moment of silence for this dog..

‘What stairs hooman? Imma jump and get down’

I  can’t stop laughing, these dogs were so humorous. I hope the stair dog didn’t get hurt though. That was my favourite video! I wonder what were these dogs thinking.. Were they trying to be smart and ended up being lame? Well whatever it was, it was great entertainment for us! Did you like this article? Which dog did you find to be funniest? Do you have any such rebellious experiences with your dog? If yes, then we would love to hear about them! Let us know in the comments section below!

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