Doggo Posts That Are Too Important Not To See

Doggo Posts That Are Too Important Not To See

  • By Saif
  • October 14, 2020
  • 3 minutes read

Have you ever thought of a life without dogs?

Even the thought of it scares us to death. It probably won’t be a big deal for the people who are not so fond of the dogs but considering the fact that you’re reading this article, it’s pretty obvious that you are a dog lover.

Dogs are, without a doubt, one of the biggest stress relievers in our lives. Did you know that according to research that was conducted back in the 1980s, depicted that playing with a dog or even just petting a familiar dog relaxes your muscles which results in lowering your blood pressure and the heart rate? Not just that, it even reduces the level of our stress hormones in blood chemistry. Isn’t that amazing?

After a long day at work or college, when we come home tired and exhausted, we just want to play with our doggo and shower him with lots of love and that makes us feel whole again, doesn’t it? But what about the people who don’t have a dog? Well, even if you do not have a dog, you could still lighten up your mood by just looking at the pictures of a dog because that’s still going to make you happier!

And that is one of the reasons why we keep on collecting pictures of these adorable little pups so that we can brighten up your day and take your stress away! You must have heard the saying, “Picture of a dog a day, keeps the doctors away”. No, we didn’t make this up.

Anyways, without further delays, let us move onto our weekly posts of happiness. Scroll down!

1. Oh, God! Is this for real!?

Is this what heaven looks like!?


“I can do this, hooman.”

3. Guys, this is the reason why we all need a doggo in our life!

That is the best stress relieving therapy I’ve ever seen!

4. Ahem, that is one odd friendship!

I am loving the pictures though. They are hilarious!

5. This made me emotional…

I’m not crying. You are crying.

6. Well, at least he was determined for it.

“Are you sure this was not the stick you threw, hooman?”

Well, what did we tell you about the pictures making you happier? Don’t you agree with it now? I mean, these pictures and videos are nothing less than a treat to watch. Don’t worry, we are just halfway through and there’s still more to see! Keep scrolling!


This video is going to my favourites now!

8. Give him some attention, please!

Doggo be like, “do you mind playing with me, hooman?”

9. LMAO! This cracked me up! I would try this.

This is one intelligent doggo!

10. What happens when you leave your little kids alone for 2 minutes?

Rocky be like, “Hey, I didn’t do it and neither did I influence him to try it”

11. Damn, even I’d stfu with that bark.

That’s like my little brother being annoying and me telling him to stfu.

12. That is one possessive doggo.

But even I wouldn’t mind him being possessive! Look how adorable he is!

13. Nooooooo… there goes the love of his life.

That tail droop when the doggo’s date left from aww

That tail drop though.

And our weekly dose of happiness ends here, sadly. But we know exactly what you want and what makes you happy. So, we will keep on bringing these adorable pictures and videos to lift up your mood and make you forget about your problems for a while. Which picture or video did you like the most? Let us know into the comments section below!

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