Family Gives Dog A Step Stool So He Can Meet His Friends Across The Fence

Family Gives Dog A Step Stool So He Can Meet His Friends Across The Fence

  • By Hashir
  • November 13, 2020
  • 3 minutes read

Dog owners know how much dogs like to socialize. They are immensely friendly and enjoy outdoor activities more than staying indoors. As it gives them the opportunity to meet new dogs and make new friends. It also opens doors to new adventures and much bigger experience. Dogs find it rather amusing and that’s why they love to go at the dog park.

There are many amazing examples of dog friendships, but this one really has our heart. It’s too adorable and would instantly bring a big, bright smile to everyone’s faces. Gieuseppe— the chocolate lab, moved into a new neighborhood, next to two Great Dane brothers Bambino and Vito. All three dogs became friends instantly from over the fence. The two Great Dane brothers had no problem saying hi to their new neighbor from over the fence, but unfortunately the lab couldn’t look over the fence to greet his new friends. Gieuseppe’s owner saw the whole scene and decided to put a stool for his dog to greet his new friends. Scroll down and check it out.

The chocolate lab Gieuseppe becomes best friends with next door neighbors, the Great Dane brothers.

Tall Great Dane looking at his friend beyond the fence.

In an interview with the Dodo, Afton Tarin the owner of the two Great Dane brothers Vito and Bambino  describes the scene of the lab next door trying to see his new friends from over the fence. He said “He has tried repeatedly to leap up and obtain an honest whiff of his big doggy friends whenever we’re all outside”. Robert Carnes the owner of the chocolate lab saw his doggo struggle and jokingly said, “If you simply had a stool.” That’s when clicked and the owner actually placed a stool near the fence for his pooch to stand on and say hello to his new friends. It was such an exciting site to see for the lab’s owner, he said “My initial reaction was to wreck laughing, Seeing his little feet fully extended and his tail all blurred out from wagging too fast, I couldn’t help it. So stinkin’ cute.”

Meet Bambino and Vito, the Great Dane brothers.

They stand tall.

They like to strike the same pose.

Such a heart warming story. Dogs love to make friends and have usually have a lot of them in different places. We’re extremely happy to see this chocolate Lab make friends across the fence, After all neighbors are like family. Aren’t they? Dogs love to make friends and every dog has one. Who’s your dog’s best friend and where did it meet them? Let us know all about it in the comments below and don’t forget to share it with all your friends and family to spread joy.

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