50 Spoiled Dogs That Are Living A Better Life Than Anyone You Know

  • By Sara
  • June 17, 2020
  • 8 minutes read

Dogs > Human children.

Our pet dogs are our babies. I don’t care if that offends people but dogs are family. I would choose a puppy over a human baby any day. Besides, puppies are less responsibility and lots of unconditional love. Your puppy won’t move out when it turns 18 either. So, just like we would provide our own children with the best life, we would do the same for our doggos. These adorable pooches deserve an amazing quality of life and we do our best to give them that.

It usually angers us when we see a spoiled human child. However, seeing a spoiled dog is another scenario. Spoiled dogs are just adorable, pure, and precious. We would spoil them even more if we could. So today, we have some quality content for you. Scroll down below to see 50 spoiled dogs that are living a better life than anyone you know right now:

1. That looks like a giant doll house.


If I did something like that for my guy, he’d never sleep there. Charlie has to be around people on a regular basis, and his bed is a queen that I keep warm for him. -John L

2. Someone is really happy to be growing up.


Such patience here. I’ll bet she just can’t wait to gobble up that meat in one gulp. LOL! -John L

3. Fidele the famous dog.


He was in Brugge (Belgium) and passed away last year -Philippe Guibert

4. This dog seems like such a diva.


Kiss my paw you peasant! -Wazz

5. What a photogenic doggo!


Retrievers have such a positive attitude that I would love to have another one…………….if only they were smaller this time. Shih-tzus have spoiled me rotten.  -John L

6. Time to take revenge by sitting on their laptop.


Is the Apple Logo on her laptop fake? It looks like paper! -Beaver-Moose

7. I love how the guy has to physically hold her back!


Oh Boy, OhBoy,-OhBoy-OhBoy, and its ALL MINE!! Let me have at it! -John L

8. They deserve to celebrate Easter too.


9. Spot on!


10. Candle-lit dinner with the love of your life.


That’s not going to work, and you know it. There’s not a four-legged child alive who will be content with regular dry dog food, when he should have at least one of those chicken breasts. -John L

11. He seems comfortable in his seat.


The dog won’t even look at you, you back seat peasants! -CBN2143

12. She looks like a princess.


If your mom also has a cat, I know exactly where it will be sitting after this session. ;D -John L

13. This is true love.


14. Couldn’t ask for a better partner.


Even after everyone else has reviled, and abandoned you, when you are alone in the world, your dog will always love you and love your company, no matter what. That’s why dogs are the salt of the earth, and I love them so much. -John L

15. How it should be.


That’s because one child is trained, and the other isn’t. Charlie never goes with me on a leash, because he knows when to stay close. Its all in how you train the little ones. 😀 -John L

16. No better way to spend your evening.


Hahaaha I saw a caption to this picture once where someone thought the dog’s legs were crispy fried human legs HAHAH still cracks me up :’D -Just a Purpler

17. I love his name.


18. The dog is just chilling.


He’s like “Why you creepin’ me?”

19. This water bed seems really relaxing.


20. This reminds me of myself on my 11th birthday.


Their dog doesn’t seem to like it, but many dogs would. Some people might consider it bad idea, but a bouncy house might be a great way to exercise a high-energy dog, who loves to jump. -Zori the degu

21. The poor doggo looks so concerned.


I’m so sorry. I really didn’t mean to hurt my little buddy. 🙁 -John L

22. This dog has more friends than I do.


The mid-nom lab is awesome! -Hans

23. He looks so cosy.


24. I would get one for my dog too if I was rich.


way better than the Paris Hilton one! Middle-upper class doggo. He works hard for a living. -CBN2143

25. This dog has a better ride than me.


Considering that dogs normally love to run, walk, sniff, and play, I do not consider this dog spoiled but rather this owner… -Hans

No one is going to love you like your dog. Their loyalty remains unconditional and they will dedicate their whole lives to you. The least we can do to repay them is by enhancing their quality of life and spoiling the heck out of them. A spoiled doggo is a happy doggo and their happiness is our goal!

26. Is that a stuffed toy?


Seems necessary for such a huge fur ball -Nini

27. Relaxing on the couch.


28. I’ve never been on a private jet, but this dog has.


He would rather be chasing a ball or a squirrel in the yard tho tbh. -CBN2143

29. Treating them like they deserve to be treated.


At least that is one part of China where the fellow doesn’t have to worry about being the main course at that Gawd Awful Yulin dog meat festival. -John L

30. Enjoying the shade.


31. Cute little baby.


32. The dog is travelling in first class.


Hey stewardess, where’s my drink to go along with the meal?

33. This guy is enjoying himself.


34. My mouth is watering.


His ears. I CAN’T!!

35. Twinning with bae.


What did u do to me human -Kizzy Kizzy

36. Every dog deserves a tent like that.


37. Lucky dog.


your mom just replaced you. -Vasanth

38. Magnesium baths.


39. Adorable!


Bubbly & Unicorns. What every girl wants for her birthday! -CBN2143

40. Safe and sound.


41. Their rightful place.


42. I want a peaceful sleep like that too.


Nah, she’s just very, very content. That’s all. -John L

43. The neck pillow got me.


That smile! -Rebekah

44. This dog seems rich.


45. Just like in movies.


46. Living his best life.


If you have a pool in your house, you already have a pretty good life in my book. -Rafaella Bueno

47. That is a very comfortable corgi.


I look at every project in this way: If the end result is you owning more tools, it was totally worth it, regardless of the outcome. -M O’Connell

48. Is that Chewbacca?


49. Sweet dreams.


50. Looks like an Instagram influencer.


Do you have a spoiled dog too? How do you pamper him? Or are you a strict parent? Let us know in the comments below!

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