20 Pets That Grew Up Too Fast

20 Pets That Grew Up Too Fast

  • By Sara
  • November 7, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

They grow up so fast.

People think children grow up quick, wait till you raise a pet. If you raised a baby animal, you probably found them when they were the size of your palm. Give it a month, they will outgrow the bed you got for them too. It is an unfortunate fact that our pets have shorter lifespans than us, so it makes us really sad when we see them grow up rapidly. We wish that they could stay small babies forever, but that is not possible so we have to cherish every moment we get to spend with them.

Sometimes we don’t realise how fast they are growing up until we look back in time. It will surprise us when we finally see the progress our little furry friend has made. Some changes can be really drastic, especially if you adopted a baby rescue animal. Scroll down below to see 20 pets that grew up too fast:

1. “The maturing of a bold redheaded cat from 1-month-old to 1 year old”

2. “I’m afraid that he’ll keep growing!”

3. “It’s been a year since we found him on the street.”

4. “Meet Ozzy with a difference of 4 months.”

5. “A homeless kitten fluff that turned into a total rockstar”

6. “He is still the same small puppy to me.”

7. “They never part, even for a minute.”

8. “Look at those huge puppy paws!”

9. “I found her on the road when she was 1.5 months old. A tiny smoothie turned into a huge, grand smoothie.”

10. When you don’t fit into your favourite sweater anymore.

The sad reality of this life is that you won’t get to spend your entire life with your pet because they age faster and their lifespan is shorter than ours. So we need to capture our best moments with our furry friends so we can be grateful for whatever time we have with them. Scroll down below for more before and after pictures of pets growing up:

11. “Sophia knows the ancient secret of how to grow a long tail but she won’t ever tell you.”

12. “He came to my doorstep once on a cold November evening and stayed to live with me.”

13. “Why do they grow up so fast!?”

14. “It’s seen instantly — that’s a good boy!”

15. “We found her in our car engine 7 months ago.”

16. “I wish I had the same stern look as he has.”

17. “These photos were taken within 1 month.”

18. “We never thought that she’d grow into a beautiful wolf.”

19.“I picked up this tiny fluff near a trash bin when I was returning home from the store. She grew into a charming princess, Moony.”

20. “Meet Umka, a scary forest animal.”

How has your experience been with your pet’s growing up process? Share the pictures with us in the comments below.

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