Cats Need To Answer These Important Questions That We're All Asking

Cats Need To Answer These Important Questions That We’re All Asking

  • By Saif
  • October 15, 2020
  • 6 minutes read

I know a lot of folks think that cats are lame and they don’t have fun personalities. To those ill-informed people, I would say “pshaw”. Cats are incredibly hilarious and many times they are just downright hysterical! These individuals that have doubts about cats being funny surely did not spend a fair amount of time with them. All those people who have a feline as a pet, know how much busy and entertained their cats keep them.

Cat owners are aware of the subtle humour that their cats bring in their lives. Cats are sometimes really predictable – get a basket full of laundry and what do you think your cat would do with it? Yes, this predictability can be really funny sometimes. They would quietly follow us, and then when they realize that we are no longer paying attention, they will just scatter all the cloths on the floor. But there are times when cats are extremely unpredictable. Okay, I know I just explained how their predictability is funny, but wait till you hear how their unpredictability is even funnier! And this article is all about their unpredictable behaviours.

Certain things about cats are really stranger and unusual. Some cat owners are seriously sick of these weird things that their cats do and now they want answers. This article revolves around such questions that are very important. If you have answers, help the owners out! Scroll down & read, this will seriously make you laugh out loud.

1. Because jealousy is inevitable?

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They want undivided attention when you are busy…

2. They have a lot of energy that needs to be burned..

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Lazy shites sit and eat all day, they need to get rid of that energy in some way…

3. Because of the bling-bling..

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Plus they just want to destroy the damn thing!

4. Because that’s exactly what they want, to freak you out…

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Guess they are succeeding at it!

5. I assume they want to start a fight

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That’s one of the ways how they keep themselves entertained….

6. Yeah, I don’t know that one…

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Only cats can tell you that, and sadly they don’t speak hooman language…

7. They are just telling you that they adore you, you stupid human!

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Common sense hooman, use your brain for once DUHHHH

8. Cats are smart, they know treats come in different packaging.

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Cats think it tastes different because treats come in smart and shiny packaging!

9. Google it up human..

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You are supposed to know, pls use Wikipedia for it!

10. Cats generally love lying on weirdest stuff..

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For example your stomach? Maybe it makes a fluffy pillow for them…

11. Their way of telling you ‘screww school!!’

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They just want you to fail, don’t fall for this trap!

12. This is something which I would agree to.

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Your cuteness won’t make it up for you stinky breath..

Haha, aren’t these tweets hilarious? I actually envy all these cat owners because I am sure their cats keep them entertained! But the questions haven’t been finished yet, we have a lot more tweets for you! Just scroll down.

13. Because they want to have a say in everything.

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Or maybe they just want to display their anger?

14. That’s simple, they look like snakes..

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15. Lol, you haven’t come across an evil fur thing!

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Lucky you!

16. Ughh I know right?!?!?!

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17. They are undercover assassins.

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Yes, beware they might kill you in your sleep.

18. Let us know when you get an answer.

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Cats are mysterious leedul creatures and somethings can’t be answered.

19. But have you ever wondered why do humans look like loaves of bread when they get fat?

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No, because you think about yourself only.

20. Come on, why do humans rub against one another?

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For attention, obviously…

21. They know it’s harder to clean.

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And they just like making your life miserable.

22. Waking up early means more time to eat

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Also haven’t you heard ‘Early to bed and early to rise makes a kitty healthy, wealthy, and wise’

23. They are security guards of the poop..

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So umm yeah, they have to be with you when you poop…

24. Because of wiggle wiggle wiggle?

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The best explanation I can give….

Some of these questions just left me blank, honestly. Its true, cats are strange. And some of their acts are really weird. But well, we love them no matter what! Do you have any questions regarding cats that you want answers to? We would love to hear them! Let us know about your questions and opinions in the comments section below.

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