50 Times Dogs Hilariously Photobombed And "Ruined" The Perfect Shot

50 Times Dogs Hilariously Photobombed And “Ruined” The Perfect Shot

  • By Malaika
  • June 15, 2020
  • 7 minutes read

These dogs sure do love the camera.

I thought it was only cats who loved to ruin perfect pictures. But as it turns out dogs love to do it as well. it seems it is usually family photos or wedding pictures that these dogs like to ‘ruin’. The reason I am saying ruin in quotation marks is that some of you may argue, they actually made the picture better.

I don’t know if the people in these pictures will agree but I certainly think the pictures are much cuter now. Except for the ones where the dogs are pooping or humping. At the end of the day, you never know what these doggos are gonna be doing when you pan the camera over to them.

So if you are ready for some laughs, scroll on below and take a look.

#1 He is very surprised.

Via Throat_Butter

Hahaha that face! What a cutie though. -GoodWolf

#2 They weren’t counting on all the leaves flying.

Via dnkphotography

#3 He is not happy while driving.

Lucky human, I wish my dog drove me to work too. -Brenda Olano

#4 Science has gone too far.

Via OrderFromSnakes

#5 I think the family is the one photobombing.

Labs have got to be the most positive children in the whole world! -John L

#6 At least everyone is happy.

Via aaronwalks

#7 They did not expect that.

At least somebody is having a happy And Horny Christmas. -John L

#8 Is he seeing something suspicious?

Via animalphotobombs

#9 That dog doesn’t really care.

Via IntoTheBrevityThing

This is possibly the greatest picture of our generation. -Bob

#10 He is slowly taking over the picture.

Via sarrey

Haha, it’s like if the second dog was taking the picture and then running to not miss it. -Jeremie Guerra

#11 How did he get so stiff?

Via Jennifer Fairbairn

#12 That is definitely not enough.

Do you think one’s going to be enough………………….? -John L

#13 I think he said yes!

Via skrivitor

#14 The devil within has surface.

#15 The camera knows what it’s doing.

Via KriticalFailure

This is gold I love how it only focuses on the dog. -Mibo Dumplings

#16 Dogs sure do love driving.

Via interstellarbarbarella

#17 Stealing someone else’s thunder.

Via urtoobigtofitinhere

OMG, he’s like a Muppet! The other dog is not impressed. -Stille20

#18 When Instagram thots converge.

Via cdurant

#19 This one took me a minute to find.

Via 1001001SOS1

Brother from another mother. -GoodWolf

#20 I bet they regretted that decision.

Via Velurkiraptor

#21 When you get into a car for the first time.

Via imgur

#22 Is anyone really surprised?

Via GallowBoob

The dog’s expression, priceless! -Cherrya Adnan

#23 He knows something and he’s not telling.

Via Sali1021

#24 She can feel the love.

I don’t care how many Mommies I have, the more the merrier! -John L

#25 What the heck is even going on!

Via nekofrog

#26 Too much energy drink?

#27 The illusive picture.

Via cartewn

The sarcasm in the caption made me laugh too hard. -Ironcat_xox

#28 The cat is not impressed.

Via tommcg

It looks like the dog was taking a passive aggressive selfie. -Hayley Lightcap

#29 I’d rather not talk about this one.

Via JustShiney

#30 The doggo just wants to know.

Via Uhhh_Ehhh

What is that yellow thing that you have? I want it, I want it, I want iiiit!!! -Jeremie Guerra

#31 When dogs can fly.

Via mitter78

#32 Those eyes tell a story.

Via elfofwrath

Why is he always the one who’s the center of attraction? -John L

#33 His pose is on point.

Via cheeppy21

#34 Look at only me.

Via doobiedoo12

#35 Just a bunch of tree huggers.

You girls are doing it all wrong. Let me show you how it’s done. -Trav May

#36 The doggos just wants a nap.

Via Cameronsettokill

#37 Those jazz hands are perfect.

#38 She is just happy to be on TV.

Via gold-coin

#39 Can I be in the picture too?

Via Topherstiles

Look. We’re twins. -Wyndmere

#40 Hear me roar!

Via Shannon West

#41 He didn’t want to be in this picture.

Via nafanjy

Dwerpy face bomb. -Wyndmere

#42 Just blur out the background and it’s perfect.

Lovemaking on the beach is not reserved for just two legged people. -John L

#43 He is not happy with her choices.

Via imgur

GET YOUR HANDS OFF HER SIR!!!! -Hamlets twin

#44 A very moist snout.

#45 The first thing that came to my mind was Sid.

Via vivaoink

#46 I don’t even want to know.

Via Kathy Mazzola

Ghost dog will have it’s revenge! -Virgil Blue

#47 How did everyone not realize?

#48 Is he really humping a stuffed toy?

Via projectsyndicate

Rudolf the Red Arsed Reindeer… -Robyn Scott

#49 He’s always watching where you go.

Via gingersnaps02

#50 He deserves a picture.

Via korantanos

I am such a good boy. Take a picture of me. -Trav May

What did you think of these photobombs? Do you think these doggos made the pictures better or worse? Let us know in the comments below.

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