40 Times Pets Got Shamed For Their Crimes & The Cats Are Not Even Sorry

  • By Hashir
  • June 15, 2020
  • 7 minutes read

There are times our pets go crazy and make us mad. But we love them anyway. When we adopt pets, we have no idea that with the passing time they will become so dear to us. They start from being just pets to family members and the next thing we know we’re treating our pets like our kids. We talk to them, feed them and nurture them. Our pets start to treat us as more than just a source of food. This beautiful bond that we share with our pets gives them an edge to make a mess and get away with it. Obviously, we can’t ground them or send them to their room.

Sometimes, the mess is so big that we lose our mind over it. And there’s nothing we can do about it. So, to tackle this situation, some ingenious people came up with this hilarious idea of pet shaming. It started back in August 2012 on Tumblr. Pet shaming is a meme with a picture of an animal (pet) along with a sign that describes the negative behavior displayed by that animal. We found 40 photos of pets that were shamed for their crimes and they’re side-splitting. Check them out below.

Meet Hugo and Huxxlleeyyy

credits: hugoandursula

“I plead not guilty to this awful accusatory stereotype your honor!”

Credits: codylab

Just picture the whole scene for a moment. How funny it would have been?

“My meows are LIES.”

Credits: plant_doctor

The owner left this note for her husband.

“Needed a vaCATion.”

Credits: darrelthebarncat

The feeling of embarrassment is a secondary emotion and it requires some cognitive work to be done. Humans don’t feel embarrassed over a certain action they have performed. They feel embarrassed due to the feeling they would get when they will be judged by others. Now, the question is, do pets feel embarrassed? Before we find answers to that, we need to know whether they have emotions or not. Let’s talk about cat’s emotions for instance. Dr Debra Horwitz, DACVB specializes in veterinary behavioral medicine for companion animals. According to her, cats have emotions “but not necessarily in the same way we think of them. There are emotional aspects to their behavior.”

He’s still the happiest boy in the room.


Who says ferrets aren’t smart?

Credits: idahocowgirl5

“My husband and I went out to the garage to feed our black lab thus leaving the ferrets to their own devices. After a short time we returned to the following:

1. Someone had opened one of my husband’s Harbor Freight emails and searched for item number “1q”””smffmnnnn”. There were no results.

2. Wesley (on the left) had ordered a Samsung Galaxy S4 for $180 using the ever so convenient Amazon one-click option.

3. Ryan (right) turned off the power strip which supplied the laptop, phone charger, ferret litter box ventilation fans, and the internet, but not before Wesley’s purchase went through.

This is a true story. We cancelled the order. We weren’t really sure what to put in the explanation box.”

We laughed so hard that we cried.

Credits: Shibaru-in-a-Subaru

“What’s yours is mine and what’s mine is mine.”

credits: Aspyr99

It is a pretty debated matter among doctors and scientists whether animals only feel and display the primary emotions (happiness, sadness and fear) or they have the ability to exhibit secondary complex emotions as well. Some say animals like cats and dogs have limited emotional range just like an 18 months old human baby. Others debate about pets feeling these secondary complex emotions but being able to display these feelings. So, it is possible that our feline is embarrassed about what she did and there is also a probability she isn’t feeling embarrassed and we’re just externalizing it.

Puddy is not sorry for what he did.

Credits: norwegianpuddycat

This one has a fabulous disco poop.

credits: cshel718

He’s pleased with what he did.

Credits: ellieconclavi

“Mommy should buy her own shovel so she doesn’t have to keep bothering the sheriff.”

Credits: dogshaming.com

“Hooman when you’re home, your time belongs to me.”

credits: rera_pops

The moment you realize you need new blinds…

Credits: samantha_wa11ace

I’ll bet the kids loved it.

credits: gnoc.gus.mav

I’m a boss and I shine like a gloss.

Credits: delilah_and_luna

“Darcey tore up the screen door, and now she uses it to go in and out”

Credits: dogshaming.com

It looks like the little sweety is very interested to read the note.

Credits: Beccers

She looks like this was the best idea of her life.

Credits: whipp.it.lucy.real.good



Who can blame him?

Credits: sheslosingit247

“Hooman you were being disobedient lately. I plotted revenge.”

Credits: countvonmeatball

Looks like the dog wasn’t expecting the mug shots.

Credits: eaclem

“My husband lost 2 front teeth due to a skateboarding accident. His new flipper wasn’t comfortable and he took it out and left it on the end table. Leaving the room for a moment was all it took for our Daphnie to get a hold of them.

Daphnie was NOT hurt, what ever pieces she actually ingested passed without incident. The only thing this hurt was our budget! Even the best Dental Coverage doesn’t replace teeth when your dog eats them.”

“Locking me in again, eh? Well, toucan play at that game!!”

Credits: theperfectparrot

This one’s a terrorist.


Not the best decision Atlas made.

Credits: disablednotdefeated

Say hello to Atlas the service dog.

What a heinous crime…

credits: aryaandthegang

Just keeping himself busy during the lockdown.

Credits: fchrzan

“I am just showing off my talents after all!!”

Credits: dogshaming.com

“Time for that tomato juice bath again?”

Credits: officialapollothehusky

“I thought it was funny!”

Credits: ellenbarford

“Stoopid Hooman “

Credits: dogshaming.com

Aww, poor baby!

Credits: rantandraeve

Cookie thief is on the loose.

Credits: dogshaming.com

That’s a murder…

Credits: shibagram__inari_kitsune

The first picture to next year’s release.

Credits: dogshaming.com

“And then I make that face meowmy love to get away.”

Credits: ambrosefamilypets

“Sorry, not sorry.”

Credits: CreatrixAnima

Meet Candy (Left) And Casper (Right). Silly puppers.

credits: sjrbookworm

“They looked delicious and I was hungry.”

Credits: cjenglishauthor

They are all convicts! What about your pets? Share your pet’s crime story with us in the comments below. We love to hear from you.


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