Cats Are Also Good Boys And Girls And Here Are Receipts (21 Pics)

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  • July 24, 2020
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Whenever we heard someone saying good boy/girl, the first thing that comes to our mind is that they are talking about their pet dogs! No doubt dogs are great pets. They are loving caring and really protective of their owners. A dog person has a lot of reasons to be one. But cats are no less!

Yeah I know, they can be really stubborn and strong-headed, but sometimes they are as nice as dogs are. Rare times, but that happens. Stereotyping good girl/boy for dogs and not for cats is a little unreasonable. I know you might be thinking that it is not unreasonable because cats can’t care for you how dogs do! But we have something that might change your mind.

In today’s article, we have a surprise for you. Earlier I mentioned that cats can be nice, right? So today we have images and stories from cat owners in which they have described stories of the times when their cats deserved to be called as good girl/boy! Scroll down and see for yourself!

1. “My grandma broke her hip. Her cat Vincent visits her everyday and always ends up in her arms!”

Via u/sarcasticflower
Vincent knows grandma loves warms hugs!

2. “Kodiak was upset because the neighbors were shooting off fireworks. So, Dr. Pepper the cat, came in and laid next to him.”

Via u/Tearsforfearsforever
Don’t worry buddy, I will help you calm down!

3. “My friend’s bearded dragon likes to cuddle with her two cats”

Via u/titankingz
Never thought cats and bearded dragon could be cuddle buddies!!

4. “Come here my little baby, lemme groom you!”

Via u/[deleted]
Hooman, you are not needed for the grooming anymore.

5. “My son and our cat, every single day”

Via u/DrPhillll
The bond between them is extraordinary!

6. “This one time my grandma fell and my cat Colin looked after her until the ambulance came.”

Via u/lalalazz
Colin saves the day!

7.“My grandma’s farm cat guarding her chickens.”

Via u/[deleted]

8. “Lilly had to have surgery today. It went well, and she’s now recovering at home with Mittens, her therapy cat.”

Via u/oefdkee
Cat therapy will work effectively and Lilly will recover really soon!

9. “Office cat greets each visitor at our local vet to ensure their comfort and put them at ease.”

Via u/Deanothedino

Heya bud! How you doin’?

10. “My son playing doctor with the best cat ever…”

Via u/didyoujustsay_meow
Such a patient cat!

11. “I think my son decided he likes the cat we picked up”

Via u/rickyhorror
Or maybe, the cat decided that he likes your son.

12. “My cat holds my hand and stays with me when I’m feeling down.”

Via u/Percussionoid91
Hey hooman, I always got your back!

13.  “The shelter said that Odin the Cat was not a cuddly cat and that he did not like children. This was him the day after we brought him home.”

Via u/_chinook_82
Odin, the cat, did love children after all!

14. “Dad: No cats! – 1 year later – Dad: Look, I’m teaching her high five!”

Via u/MrPresident91
Is that a high five or a paw five?

15. “My Grandad Jack and his cat like to read the paper together.”

Via u/McChubbs
The newspaper reading buddies!

16. “My dad has achieved 100% cat relaxation”

Via u/Jaxtsuu

17. “The nurses let Henry see Nona for Christmas and he spent the entire day on her lap.”

Via u/decapitatedwalrus
Henry has been missing Nona’s lap!

18. “What ya looking at? Can’t I love and protect my lil baby?”

Via r/aww/
Awww… would you look at that!?

19. “Ever since my son was born, this cat thinks it’s his duty to protect him.”

Via u/WorldsBestDadBod
Such a brave little protector! I wish I had this protector in my life 🙁

20. “My grandma just got out of the hospital and now uses a walker. My cat now acts as her lazy bodyguard.”

Via u/snicpear
Lazy bodyguard is all ready to protect grandma!

21. “I think our new foster kitty just found his forever home.”

Via u/OhhhFoxxy

Aww! Here’s to the beginning of a new friendship!

We hope now after seeing these pictures, you might have changed your mind, and you will refer to your cat as a good boy or girl when they do something really sweet! Which one of these stories was your favourite? Let us know in the comments section below!

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