20 Pets Who Shamelessly Stole Their Owners Partners

We love our pets. There is absolutely no doubt about that. And they really love us, too. However, there is no denying that our pets choose their own favorite human being. Sometimes that human being is not us, the person who fed them, bathed them, took care of them, trained them, etc. No, No! They would rather choose someone else to get cozy with than us. How can we not get jealous?

Sometimes though, these pets just love rubbing it in our faces that we aren’t their favorite beings. They’d rather be with your partner who just walked into your and your pet’s life, and stole both your hearts. Well, we can’t exactly say that it’s a bad thing because at least, your pet approves! But it definitely is hard to watch your significant other and your pet bond without you or worst! Single you out. While your significant other might not actually do that, your pet definitely would love to watch you get jealous about not getting enough attention. We are sure some of you can definitely relate.

For those of you who can’t, we have assembled a list of these jealous owners showing off how their pets make them feel.

1. This little Prairie Dog who would rather sleep with the owner’s girlfriend.

2. Cheeky dog makes the girlfriend move from her place just to sit there herself and give her this look.

3. “My Cat Is In Love With My Boyfriend. She Glares Every Time I Try To Sit Next To Him. He Didn’t Believe Me, So I Took A Picture”

He is no longer your boyfriend. He now belongs to your cat.

4. So, you were saying I can’t have your man?

Do not come close to us now. It is MY cuddle time with MY man

5. This cat who knows she’s too cute and can steal your man easily.

6. “No Matter Where My Husband Falls Asleep My Cat Finds Him And Naps With Him”

Mom, you are adopted

7. This dog definitely does not want the girlfriend and her dog to get close to her man.

And she does not want to hide her feelings about it either.

8. Some alone time with my man. You can sleep on the sofa today, girlfriend.

9. “She Loves Reminding Me I’m Basically My Husband’s Side Chick'”

10. “I Told My Boyfriend The New Puppy Wasn’t Allowed In The Bed. Boyfriend Chose Puppy”

Alright, so now the boyfriends also choose pets over significant others.

11. Imagine waking up to this every morning …

Well, the kitty certainly looks very happy

12. Like father, Like Cat.

13. YOU are not allowed to hold this hand human woman!

14. Goodbye kiss

Alright, so now the kisses are also being stolen.

15. The way this doggo looks at him

True love.

16. Well, that must be a comfortable place for you to rest at, lil missy.

17. Am I interrupting something here…?

You should’ve knocked!

18. You better not trying getting in this bed with us.

19. She even sleeps with a smile so his partner knows that she has successfully taken over.

20. Pretty sure the husband is just red with jealousy now.


Now we know not to let our pets spend more with our partners unless we know for sure we can handle all the jealousy. They will end up stealing all the attention and even the love. That doesn’t mean we are going to stop loving our pets though.

Here is a question for you: could you relate? Why not share pictures of your pets stealing all the love and attention in the comments section below!

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