Ending The ‘Ruff’ Week With Hilariously Cute Dog Tweets

  • By Saif
  • April 4, 2021
  • 4 minutes read

As the weekend comes to an end & before the Monday’s anxiety starts to kick in, why don’t we celebrate it with some hilarious dog memes?

You see, there’s not a single thing which we don’t love about dogs. Whether it’s the dogs themselves or dog memes! Having a dog? You are happy. Not having a dog? Funny dog memes are there to make you laugh! It’s like a win-win situation! But today, before we get to the memes, we’d like to share some amazing facts about dogs with you!

Have you ever wondered why dogs are often used to sniff people, drugs or even money? Well, the ability to detect different smells in a dogs brain is at least 40x better than ours! That means, your pupper can identify a lot more scents than we ever could! Some of the dogs are so good at sniffing that they can even identify medical problems! Yep, that’s a fact. Currently, dogs have been trained to sniff out Covid-19 as well!

They can sniff and breathe at the same time. Our puppers rely a lot on their sense of smell as it helps them in finding potential dangers, food & friends, so, that is why you would often see them sniffing everything. Anyways, now that we have told you some of the facts which you probably didn’t know about, let’s move towards the hilarious dog memes that we have gathered for you today. Keep scrolling down!

1. Yep, it sure looks like a plague doctor!

Via @MNateShyamalan

2. Do as the old people do!

Via @AsiaChloeBrown

3. We are so proud of him!

Via @WeLoveDogsUSA

4. “Do you mind if I bring in some friends?”

Via @rilaws

5. Henry is such a cutie!

Via @NormOrnstein

6. To encourage people like you to stay healthy!

Via @simply_mixed_up

7. Dogs are the wisest!

Via @SyLicoNgaAko

8. Pirate doggo to the rescue!!

Via @WinterForMT

9. Nothing to look here, just a cute doggo enjoying the watermelon!

Via @dog_feelings

Did you know that dogs are amazing swimmers as well? Of course, not all dogs like water but the ones that do, they tend to be great swimmers! Now don’t go on throwing your dog in the water to test! There are SOME dogs who like the water. Anyways, let’s continue with the dog memes, shall we?

10. Excused on the first day!? Are you kidding…oh wait! Sure, you are too cute to resist!

Via @Darrelthedoge

11. SMH. To all the people who neglect their doggos, this dog meme is for you!

Via @Kantohttp

12. But you think about yourself only, don’t you, hoomans!

Via @jpbrammer

13. Their memories never leave us!

Via @pantless_papple

14. Haha awww… what breed is that even! Such a cutie!

Via @dog_rates

15. I wanna be that guy with the costume 🙁

Via @WeLoveDogsUSA

16. “Spit it out now, will you!?”

Via @clsdapp

17. Totally deserves it!

Via @SwampWi68671152

18. Oh lord, that has got to be your cutest creation!

Via @shouldhavedogss

As these hilarious and cute dog memes comes to an end, we’d like to know, did these dog memes took away your Monday’s anxiety? We hope so! These adorable little puppers are always there to cheer us up in every form! Let us know which one of these hilarious dog memes did you like the most, into the comments section below.

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