19 Criminals Cats Caught With Their Crimes

  • By Saif
  • April 7, 2021
  • 4 minutes read

Who doesn’t like being a detective, right?

Well, the good news is, anyone can be a detective and all it takes is good skills and an eye which can see out of the box. The interesting part is, people who have pets at their homes can get started immediately and many people have even started the practice by discovering the crime scene and figuring out whether their pet was involved in it or not. The funny part is, our pets think they won’t get caught by committing some obvious crimes like pushing their sharp claws into the sofa and ruining it, walking over food while leaving their cute little footprints all over it or pee-ing somewhere in the corner of the house.

However, beware of them because after being caught, these cute little criminals would do their best to convince you that they were not involved by looking at you with their adorable eyes. But well, they are very smart because they know that no matter what, we are bound to give in whenever they do that! Anyways, today we have gathered a few pictures from a Twitter’s thread where the owners caught their puppers committing crimes and took pictures of it to share it with the world and oh boy, it’s truly cute AF! So, be prepared to melt your hearts with their cuteness! Scroll down to begin.

1. Let’s start with this brutal criminal who doesn’t seem to care about what he had done to his hooman because well, they own us.


2. “We didn’t do anything, hooman. You have got to trust us, man!”


3. Aww… this is the cutest little criminal I’ve ever seen!


4. The cat be like, “what? can it not be another cat?”


5. And that’s how you can become a good detective, folks!


6. Damn! Criminal in a tux… sexy AF!


A Twitter user who goes by the name of @urfriendimane started the trend unintentionally by just sharing a picture of his adorable little kitten’s paw mark into the base of his ready-to-make pie! The picture garnered a whopping number of 1.5 million likes and over 232.6k tweets! That’s when people decided to reply to his tweet by sharing pictures of their criminals committing crimes as well. If you are curious whether the show ends here or not, well, it doesn’t. So, we suggest you keep on scrolling until the end of this post as we have got more pictures of these cute AF criminals.

7. Look at those paws… oh my!


8. Of course! It’s their favorite crime to commit!


9. Isn’t that a sexy mugshot?


10. “Hooman, look what I found! Someone has been walking into the brownie! Was it you, hooman?”


11. Milo is a naughty pupper.


12. Cat owners and their battle scars.


13. “I was just trying to take a swing on the cloth”


14. “But I thought you’d leave that cake for me, hooman…”


15. Mouse ate a mouse’s wire… wait, what?


16. Damn, that’s one badass criminal and he’s like, “yeah, I done it. what you gon’ do, peasant?”


17. The artist be like, “I thought you’d appreciate that, you ungrateful hooman!”


18. “You didn’t let me come into the house, now bear it!”


19. It appears the criminal made sure to ruin the victim’s peanut butter… hmmm wanted to starve him to death.


Well, now that you’ve witnessed all the crimes and their criminals, what did you think? Were they able to convince you that they were innocent or did you end up believing their innocence due to their unmatchable cuteness? Let us know about your thoughts and opinions and to the comments section below!

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