Owner Accidentally Starts War Between Dog And Cat, And The Cat Wins

  • By Malaika
  • August 24, 2020
  • 3 minutes read

This is why you don’t mess with a cat. 

Because no matter how clever and cunning the other party is, a cat is bound to be one step ahead most of the time. So it is no surprise that in this war between a dog and a cat, the kitty remained supreme. Honestly, the doggo could have never expected this but it was kind of his fault from the beginning.

I mean I understand jealousy especially when it is because your family is paying more attention to someone else than you. However, those are not grounds for wreaking havoc on a kitty who was minding her own business. This doggo did just that and soon learned his lesson. He will not be trying to break a cat’s toy ever again.

Source: Reddit

If you had just made him a cool pad as well. 

The cat was quick to strike back, however, her initial plan didn’t work as she had hoped.

But apparently the second time was the charm for her as she left a ‘surprise’ for the doggo.

I bet the dog didn’t want to touch that frisbee after that.

The cat looks pretty happy with herself from what I can see.

Apparently this isn’t the only time a cat has taken revenge.

I have a revenge-cat story; years ago my husband and his friend went to visit a mutual friend who happened to have a cat: Bamboocha; his friend being a cat lover, saw her and said oh what a nice kitty, she’s so cute! And my husband saw her and said, meh! Stupid cat.

Fast forward later that day, my husband went into his luggage to retrieve a sweater, and there was a hideous smell coming out from his suitcase…the cat had peed all over his luggage and his jacket, and funny thing , his and his friend luggage were next to each other.

The moral of the story is: u don’t wanna mess with cats. –paracontinuar

Mad at someone? Sh*t on their favorite thing!

Good luck on finding such a toy.

Have you ever done something unintentionally that you later regretted? Let us know in the comments below.

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