17 Adorable Senior Canines And Felines That Proved That Age Is Just A Number

  • By Hashir
  • October 10, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

Thousands of pets get rescued and adopted from animal shelters every year. It’s great how animals find loving homes where they are taken care of and loved just the way the deserve to be loved. However, seeing some of them get rejected and neglected by people, just because it’s a senior truly breaks our heart. They may be getting weak and feeble, but their spirits are still high.

Senior cats and dogs may seem like they are no longer as playful as those that are young and energetic. However, this is not true. They may be slowing down and napping a little more than before, but it doesn’t make them any less playful than a young pet. Despite being senior, they’re full of life and enjoy everything young pet enjoys. Today we bring you 17 photos of senior canines and feline that proved that age is just a number. Scroll down and check them out.

They are never too aggressive. They’re just not loved they way they should be.

Just look at that contended face of a senior cat. See how safe and secure it seems.

He’s so cuddly.

12 and happy.

Just look at that bright smile on this senior doggo’s face. Full of life and energy. It is extremely wrong to completely ignore the senior cats and dogs at the shelter due to the fact that they are seniors. They need much more love and affection than a young cat or dog. We can do so much for them just by adopting them and making them a part of our family. All they need is lots of love and cuddles. Nothing more.

She likes her new home.

Soft kitty warm kitty, little ball of fur.

And he loves his new owner already.

That precious smile tho.

How adorable.

“My dad (who’s not a dog person) recently adopted a senior dog while his wife was looking at puppies. “I just couldn’t stand to imagine him alone at that age,” he said. Meet his new goodest boi “Rock!” “

Source: Reddit

“I adopted a senior cat. He’s 11 years old and 19 lbs. The shelter told me he is skittish and it would be a slow intro. His last family returned him after 6 months. He is my shadow- woke up at 4am to all 19 lbs sleeping on my chest, face an inch away from mine. Goose was always meant to be mine.”

Source: Reddit

“Rescued a senior Floofer this year, we call this her “retirement.” “

Source: Reddit

“Rescued this senior from a lifetime of abandonment in hopes of making her last few years the best she’s ever had. From being afraid of everyone and everything to begging strangers for pets, shes transformed beyond expectation. Happy 15th little Mara! Every moment with you is a blessing.”

Source: Reddit

“My senior rescues transformation “

Source: Reddit

“This is Bob Lablaw, our 12 year old Black Lab rescue dog. He’s in the twilight of his years, but he’s already brought us so much joy in the few months we’ve had him. Adopt senior dogs, it’s worth it!”

Source: Reddit

“Adopted a bonded pair of senior cats a few weeks ago. Meet Phyllis Vance and Punky Brewster.”

Source: Reddit

“Reddit, meet Waffle Cone! One adorable reason to consider adopting a senior pet.”

Source: Reddit

We are immensely happy to see how these cats and dogs have adjusted into their new homes. We hope every senior pet finds a pair of loving arms to rest in as they nap for hours. Have you adopted a senior pet lately? Let us know all about it in the comments below.

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