Artist Explains Life With Cats In 35 Hysterical Comics

Artist Explains Life With Cats In 35 Hysterical Comics

  • By Hashir
  • December 20, 2020
  • 5 minutes read

Although cats are super innocent, but sometimes they are a devil in disguise. Cats have an irresistible charm, and no one can resist petting them. However, no one knows what’s going on inside their little head. Whatever it is, it’s pure evil for sure. Another interesting fact about our crazy little felines is that they’re extremely unpredictable.

They’ll be calmly grooming themselves one minute, and the very next moment, you’ll find them running to another room with the speed of light. The would destroy anything in their way with zero guilt. However, that’s not it. They’ll never stop chasing the laser light and become the epitome of embarrassment upon falling to the ground in attempts of landing on the table. Yeah, cats are crazy, but they’re pretty entertaining as well. Although there are many artists who have produced some of the best cat comics over the years, but Cody Stone’s humor stole the show. Today we are bringing you 35 hysterical cat comics by Cody Stone that will walk you through his everyday life with his 4 year-old cat Coral. Scroll down and check them out.

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So that’s how they do it.

A great legend.

Get ready for the cat farts.

Gotta catch em’ all.

In an interview with bored panda, Cody Stone said:

“At this point, she’s only 4 years old, but the routine has been pretty consistent for 3 of those years. She wakes me up with a bottom slam to the face. Tries to spook me by jumping out from under the couch if I move any quicker than a snail through the living room. Begs for her 7 pm wet food, gets it, and then begs again at 8 pm as if I have amnesia. The hour I’m in bed on my phone before sleep, she’s jumping over my body like hurdles to keep on playing. It’s all a joy though and I wouldn’t change any of it. Except maybe the moments when she flubs the jump over me and bounces off my ribs like a trampoline.”

Poor Pennywise… Messed with the wrong kid.

Cats are obsessed.

Cats love to sniff things, whether they’re someone’s feet and hands or anything else. They sniff in order to know their fellow cats. Cats have a pretty strong sense of smell as compared to humans. They have a lot of smell sensitive cells in their nose that can smell 9 to 16 times more than an average human can. Have you ever thought of how do cats talk with each other? They communicate with the help of pheromones. Yes, they don’t meow when they talk to each other. They release chemical signals instead. That’s why they’re often seen sniffing each other. Whenever you hear a cat meow, it’s definable talking to you.

Cat’s favorite sport play.

Spa day with kitty.

Kitty loves to pet insects.

Whoops! That was a deserter.

What we see and what we don’t see.

Humans mean the world for cats.

Every time we change sheets.

Cats hypnotize humans.

So many different faces.

Cats do what they want to.

Coral wants the damn money plant.

Gotta run.

As soon as a cat sees a Christmas tree.

That’s how cats convince us to play with them.

Cats help keep the air clean and negative vibe free.

Cats claim their territory.

Birds watching with cats.

What is going on inside cat’s head?

Cats and their owners on a full moon night.


Who says cat’s don’t have brains?

How to cuddle with cats

Don’t touch a sleepy kitty.

Cats are basically vampires.

Random and unusual things cats do.

The kitty toofies are the cutest.

Cats see what we can’t.

Cat is cooking something else.

Cats are always hungry.

These illustrations are simply marvelous. The artist has done a great job explaining life with his devious little cattoo in amazing illustrations. We love how vibrant the colors are and how accurately they represent life with cats.We are pretty sure every cat owner can relate. Let us know what you guys think in the comments below.

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