10+ Cats That Made Us Laugh With Their Hilarious Shenanigans

  • By Malaika
  • May 12, 2020
  • 6 minutes read

Yes, Another Internet story about cats.

Why? Because why not? How could anyone get tired of cats? They are fluffy, beautiful and you always want to cuddle with them. So is it really a surprise that the most popular videos on Youtube are one with cats in them? After all if you are feeling down, a cat or two is sure to cheer you p and abring a smile to your face.

At least that is what we are here to do today. With the world not in the best condition right now, we all need a bit of pure wholesomeness to lighten our moods. From the age-old ‘cats sleeping in weird positions’ to them doing bizarre things, this list has it all.

So relax in the chair that gives you neck problems and scroll on below.

#1 Me thinks this statue was made specifically for this reason.

#2 This seems like the most ‘efficient’ way to eat.

#3 Is this a plan on perspective or is the kitty really that small?

#4 I think I spoke too soon on the former being smol.

#5 This cat just needs some love.

#6 This is what you call a cat burrito.

#7 This one is not amused.

#8 ‘What is this….thing? It keeps crying.’

#9 I really hope that’s photoshop.

#10 Waiting for another day to rise.

#11 Every cat food dispenser should have instructions in the cat language.

#12 Playing games with your adorable cats seems like a great time.

#13 When you stop caring about your cat allergies because…… kitty.

#14 I don’t think you wanna know.

#15 The first time you wear a cashmere sweater.

#16 A specially made bathtub for the cat.

#17 I have no words to explain the liquid cat phenomenon.

#18 My heart can’t take the cuteness overload.

#19 How did you not know this would happen?

#20 At first I thought a hurricane went that way.

#21 This is how your bag should be checked at the airport.

#22 Ready for a hard day at the office.

#23 I can only imagine that giving a heart attack to someone.

#24 The cat has finally accepted the child.

Or mqaybe she is trying to read his mind on why he keeps grabbing her tailm We might never know her true intentions but it sure does look very adorable.

#25 ‘How dare you to say that word!?’

#26 She does like the fake ones. Her glare says it all.

#27 It seems even cats like pregnant women.

#28 The circle of life right here.

#29 This floof is a master at camouflage.

She might think she has achieved greatness but that will certainly fade when someone accidently steps on her. All you’ll hear then are human screams as she bites their feet.

#30 ‘Have you come to learn the secrets of this Earth?’

#31 The very rare species known as Catula.

#32 Did this lamp come from an alien world?

#33 This is anime in real life.

#34 Is that a dog or a rug I see?

#35 Nothing to see here, just an adorable rabbit.

#36 This pair won’t even wake up if a train passes by.

#37 Hear me roar.

#38 Mistakes were made that day.

If she jumps right now, she can probably make it to the back of the truck but it is higly unlikely. And you would never say that cats are particularly intelligent so her fate is sealed really.

#39 This kitty has reached illusion 100.

#40 How else is she suposed o travel?

#41 What you see here is a sheep cat known as a shat.

#42 Quick, get a bucket! the cat is melting.

#43 Why would you do this?

#44 A hybrid of lion and cat. The fiercist creature ever.

#45 How is no one fawning over the new student?

#46 Just wait, she will realize in a few hours.

#47 The weekend has nothing on this guys hair.

#48 Just a very big snail.

#49 This is why you don’t buy things on craiglist.

Because as it turns out, you might hear noises coming from your ‘new’ couch. And when you completely destroy it by tearing it opne, you might find a cat. I* have no idea how she even got in there but there she is.

#50 Is the special surprise you get with your yogurt?

Did these bring a smile on your face? Which one of these did you laugh at the most? Let us know in the comments.

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