Hilarious Cat Snapcats That Prove Cats Make Life Purrfect (New Pics)

  • By Sara
  • July 21, 2020
  • 4 minutes read

 Life with cats is amazing.

Life can be difficult at times and you will face a lot of highs and lows. However, with a cat by your side, everything will feel like a smooth sail. During the ups, you can celebrate with your kitty. During the downs, your furry feline friend will comfort you and assure you that you are not alone. Cats are perfect life long companions and they are loyal. They will never abandon you and they will love you unconditionally.

Sure, they might annoy the hell out of you, but that’s why we love them. They can literally trash the entire house but our hearts will melt the moment they look into our eyes. Yes, they are very manipulative so be prepared for that. Cats can make our life so much better and we have some snaps that can help prove it. Scroll down below to see hilarious cat Snapchats that prove cats make life purrfect:


1. Aww, it’s so small.

2. They are each other’s comfort.

3. This is HIS seat.

4. Unlike Gordon Ramsey.

5. The perfect snap doesn’t exi-

6. Now this is what I call a glow-up.

7. Those eyes are mesmerizing.

8. Caught in the act.

9. The only stare I’m comfortable with.

10. This cat is art.

11. This is called empathy.

12. I can confirm this.

13. This is called true love.

14. Delicious purrito.

15. All you need is love.

When you adopt a cat, you are signing up for a whole lot of free entertainment. You will never get bored if you have a feline friend around. Thanks to Snapchat, we can now see what it is like to live with a cat. If you don’t own one, just go an adopt! You’ll thank me later.

16. I would love having a talkative friend.

17. You don’t choose the cat, the cat chooses you.

18. They will grow up to be best friends.

19. Mmm, warmth.


21. He might be old but he has a heart of gold.

22. What was that?!

23. Put me down, human!

24. This is why I’m always late.

25. Look at my toe beans!

26. Let them in, already.

27. A happy family.

28. May I come in?

29. Are you authorized to be there?

30. This cat is even more photogenic than me.

31. Cat? That’s just a blop.

What did you think of these cat snaps? Do you have any of your own to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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