Fluffiest Cats That Are Too Cute To Handle

Fluffiest Cats That Are Too Cute To Handle

If there is one thing we love more than cats, it’s fluffier cats. Not that we don’t love cats who are not super fluffy, it’s just the fluffy ones occupy a special place in our hearts. A special fluffy place!

We all know cats are wonderful creatures. We don’t even mind going as far as saying they might even be the best creatures to have ever existed on this planet. These cuties never fail to make our days better in an instant. With their cute little noses and smol paws, we can’t help but annoy them with endless cuddles. Yes, annoy. Let’s be honest, it’s highly unlikely that they’d come to you for cuddles. And those cats that actually do, are one in a million!

The cherry on top, if your cuddle buddy is a fluffy cat! Sure, fluffier cat’s shed a lot, and you’ll find hair everywhere. You might even have to clean up more often than you usually do, and never go out without having hair on your clothes. But let us tell you this, it is definitely worth it! And it’s as if they know they are super beautiful because that attitude, yikes, it speaks for itself! Forget about getting even an ounce of attention from them. They are usually found in their own zone, doing their own thing. And we can’t help but admire them… from afar of course.

So, without keeping you waiting, let’s go ahead and check out these beauties. P.s. you might fall in love!

1. “He is my mane pal”

Via u/krammaii

Starting off with the most majestic cat of ’em all! Who wouldn’t want this fluffy baby around?!

2. “Oreo lounging tough in his Sunday best”

So badly want to run my hands over this fluffy fluff!

3. “When you gotta brush the neck floof. Purrs the whole time.”

Via u/movice412

We’re unsure of how much this cat is enjoying being brushed like that

Clearly having the time of it’s life

Via u/movice412

Okay, somethings not right..!

4. “Floof in the Round”

The perfect fit!

5. “Showed her a new windowsill she can sun on”

You can tell how thankful she is. Yeah, soak in that sun, fluffy bun!

6. “Size 9”

Via u/luckyjulia

Hey, that’s not my size but idm any way. Wrap that up for me, please.

7. “welcome My baby Munter”

Exploring everything! Including my new hooman.

8. “2 Floofs, please: one lightly toasted, one smoked”

Via u/Formal-Rat

They are not happy! But it’s amazing how they can be moody together.

9. “Such inviting floof, such indignation”

Via u/E-monet

This is one of the most confusing situation ever. You have two options; rub the belly or don’t rub the belly. When choosing the former, you might lose a hand. When going for the latter, you satisfy your urge to shower your cat with lots of love. I know what I’d do.

You might even have an idea as well. How could you ever say no to such invitation? I would never be able to resist. And the best part is, more irresistible cats are yet to come. So, keep scrolling and keep lovin’.

10. “Finally got a good picture of my floofster! meet la pickles.”

Via u/scranatan

I love pickles! Can I eat it?

11. “There is a cat in there, I promise”

Via u/Due-Strategy-8411

Is there really a cat here? Just seems like a floofy ball, ngl!

12. “My 18 Year Old Floof Enjoying Retirement”

Via u/superiorCheerioz

A very well deserved break. Keep on resting, beautiful.

13. “Hagrid and Fezzik, The Floof Brothers!”

Via u/LisbethMearu

Two very different yet very expressive moods.

14. “Puff prevents me from making the bed with her floof”

It’s her bed. You should ask for permission first, hooman.

15. “My kitten”

Via u/swaggyswaggot


16. “What is that over there?”

Must. Catch. That. Thing.

Well, unfortunately, we have reached the end. Yep, we know it was too soon. But don’t you worry, we shall come up with more of these so we can feast our eyes with the wonders of floofiness. We know we absolutely loved them but we are eager to know what your thoughts are. Let us know in the comments section below.

Extra praises to those who share their fluffy cat pictures in the comments down below or tag their friends and family!

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