50 People Who Took Their Dog To Groomers & Came Back With A Different Dog

  • By Saif
  • July 28, 2020
  • 7 minutes read

Just as with great power, comes great responsibility. Similarly, with the pets, comes the responsibility of taking full care of them. Treating them in a perfect way and not neglecting them in any way. Pets are a huge responsibility, they should be taken good care off. One such responsibility is your pet’s grooming. Like come on, we all love well-groomed pets. Right?

Some people might assume that grooming your furball isn’t a big thing, but it is. Pets should be taken to groomers, who can cut their hair and fur in a proper way. As times are changing, a lot of people have become aware of the importance of grooming and taking their pets to groomers. Grooming your dogs’ makes them look so nice and it actually enhances the beauty of your pup!

Pampering your dog will increase the love and respect your dog has for you! Dogs before and after have been trending on the internet. So, we have collected for you these before and after dog haircut images that are so delightful, they will surely make your day! Scroll down and see!

1. Dropped a dog at groomers, picked up a cat!

Pinterest/Happy Tails Dog Grooming

This leedul bub looks so dandy and handsome!

2. Dogo wants a refund!


Dogo will finally be able to see in HD now!

3. Didn’t know a haircut could make you look so young!

This dogo went from looking 0 to 100!

4. How can groomer turn a dog into a snowball??


5. Rocking the Mohawk look!

Pinterest/Iris Saborio

From an ordinary dogo to a cool hippy!

6. Dogs posing game also got strong after a haircut!

Pinterest/Puppies Club

“Wait hooman, lemme sit like a princess!”

7. Dogo with bangs!

Pinterest/Raylene Johnson

Owner came back to a brand new looking boy!

8. Sass with a hint of black and white!


I am sure this dogo won’t be able to recognize himself!

9. Graceful poodle power!


This poodle looks so elite, I can’t even!!

10. Max is really happy with his new cut!


11. Seems like a huge weight has been lifted off this dog!


“Hooman, is that all my fur??”

12. Rocking the punk look!

Pinterest/Wishbone Pet Care

Pink and purple hair dogo, not something you see daily!

13.  When all the puff has been blow-dried!

Pinterest/Groom House Daycare & Pet Salon

Is it only me who thinks that dogo looked cuter in the before picture?

14. Ready to roll with my new look!


Pearl necklace with a bow, if barbie was a dog!

15. All this fluff is gone, and now we’re left with bones..


Scroll down! We have a lot more cute pictures for you!

16. Oh My God!!!! Such an adorable leedul bubba!


Stuff toy dogo!

17. When you’re ready for summer vacations!

Pinterest/Debra Frankart

Got all cool and funky with a bandanna and yellow sunnies.

18. That’s legit 2 pounds of fur.

Facebook/Trio Animal Foundation

From a scary mess to a charming dogo!

19. When you finally brush your hair after months..


20. Dashing little dude!

Pinterest/Anetta Klajzovics

All ready to steal your girl!

21. A sad teddy bear.

Pinterest/Gabbie Valiquette

What happened to this bear, he looks so sad after his haircut.. 🙁

22. Nutella with pom pom ears!

Pinterest/Brittany Cowley

Two pony tails make Nutella look so sweet!

23. The hairless bum.


24.  Before and after getting your hair straightened!


Straightening iron works wonders, even on dogs!

25. Lovely little button eyed dogo!


So glad his button eyes are showing after he got his hair trimmed!

26. If a monkey cut makes you look this adorable, I wanna get one too!


27. Clean shave makes his spots so prominent!

Pinterest/Designer Paws Salon

This dogo looks completely different, no?

28. Someone didn’t have a very pleasant time at the groomers!


Don’t worry little man, you still look handsome!

29. When you lose all your fur


“She had a haircut today. Turns out she was three-quarters hair and one-quarter fennec fox.”

30. “Quit looking at me, I’m still getting dressed! Okay, now you can look at me.”

Pinterest/Melissa B

31. The frizz will not go away even after a haircut..


Frizz is what makes this pup look so special!

32. Sweet little baby is all ready!

Pinterest/Gabbie Valiquette

This baby even has a smile on her face!

33. My heart just melted!

Pinterest/Elizabeth Lyle

Awww this is so heartwarming! The dogo looks super excited!

34. Tiny little peach all groomed up!

Pinterest/Iris Saborio

Aren’t all these dogos really special? We have more for you! Scroll down!

35. The excitement level remains the same in both pictures!


Baby is doing Instagram pose better than so many other people!

36. What true happiness looks like!


Mushroom is all ready to go home and show off her new look!

37. Presenting ya’ll a gorgeous dapper!


38. Say hello to the newest member!


“They wanted him to feel fresh. He had some very matted areas and he was very dirty. With a great Furminator package Chance now feels like a new dog :)! Happy for you buddy.”

39. Dogo just discovered its ears!


40. Elegant and beautiful pup!


Didn’t get much of haircut but still the difference is so beautiful!

41. Big boy chicken nugget.


How can one resist hugging this innocent pup?

42. “What am I?”


Bandanna around his neck, he is all dressed up!

43. The difference is so unreal!


No one knew he had spots, not even himself!!

44. Cutie patootie!


45.  “Just Chop It All Off”


“Yes, I said all of it!”

46. All those noodley hair are now a history.


47. “I am grumpy and I know it!”

Pinterest/Ratty To Regal Dog Grooming

Don’t tell me I look grumpy, I just had a cut and I am not really liking it!

48. All ready for the cocktail party!


49. Spikey little baby!

Pinterest/Gabbie Valiquette

This look totally works for dogo!

50. Clouds before the rain!


Well, no one will be able to resist and take their dogs to groomers right after looking at this article, right? These babies, they all look so precious that I just wanna cuddle them’ all! Do you feel the same? Which one of these dogos did you think was the most adorable? Let us know in the comments section below!


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