10 Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Pet From Shelter Instead Of Buying One

10 Reasons Why You Should Adopt A Pet From Shelter Instead Of Buying One

  • By Saif
  • October 7, 2020
  • 5 minutes read

Thinking of getting a new pet for yourself?

The situation where you bring home a new member is really exciting. Let it be a baby or a new pet. New members always bring a lot of happiness with them. Talking specifically about pets, you either have the option of buying a pet from a pet store or adopting a pet from an animal shelter. Reasons, why you should adopt, are many and also valid. Not only that, but it is also a truly great experience! Adopting is a righteous and a very beautiful gesture. It gives a chance to a needy animal to have a better life.

Every day thousands of animals in American shelters are killed because they don’t have a safe place to call home. By adopting, every time you look into your pet’s eyes, you will truly feel good knowing that you saved a life.

Adopting pets has become more popular and accessible in the past few years. There are now many different ways you can get the right adoptable pet for you and your family. There are many great pets with rescue groups and adoption centres that are eagerly waiting to be adopted. Approximately 3.2 million shelter animals are adopted each year (1.6 million dogs and 1.6 million cats) said ASPCA.’ With time people are also becoming aware of the fact that adoption is a better option indeed.

If you are also planning to get a pet, here are some reasons that will help you understand why we put an emphasis on adoption.

1. Adopt because it will change their life for better!

We all need a loyal, faithful and loving companion! Right? Who can make us laugh on our bad days, and cheer us up with their little acts. Your life will be full of colours when you get yourself a pet, and vice versa. Which is a win-win situation!

2. Adopt a pet because you will save a life!

Remember when I mentioned that every day thousands of pet are killed as they don’t have a home? Animals are killed in order to control the population. Adoption will help in saving the lives of these innocent animals! And also help in making their lives better!

3. The experience will be worth it and you will get a great pal!

Animals in adoption shelters have usually previously lived with families but due to some unfortunate reasons, they had to be sent to these shelter homes. Most of these pets are healthy and vaccinated. They are also well trained. Well trained animals will make your life a lot easier and happier. You will find a great friend in your pet!

4. Animal shelters make the process of adopting a lot easier for you!

All you have to do is decide what kind of pet you want, the colour, kind, size, breed and sex. You tell them the details and they will organize for you the pet you want. This is done by The Shelter Pet Project.

5. You are doing a lot more than just helping an animal!

There are many animals that need a home. Shelters do provide a safe place for them but they obviously have limited space and resources. Animal shelters are being over fled with abandoned and lost animals. So when you make a decision of adopting a pet, you are helping to make space for other animals that need to be in the shelter. You do not only help the animal, but you also help the shelter network as well!

6. Pets can have a positive impact on our health. In fact, adopted pets can act to serve as a medicine.

It is an open secret that pets can help us with managing our stress levels. They have a very positive impact on our lives. Not only that but animals can also help us boost our immunity. Bad health and allergies can be kissed goodbye as you will have a stronger immune system with pets being around. It gives your relation more meaning because you would know that you saved a life by adopting.

7. Saving your home!

These animals are well trained, and with being trained they will not only make your life easier but also save your home. How is that you ask? The answer is simple, you won’t find that animal peeing or pooping on your furniture, as these animals know that they have to poop outside in the mud. This is especially true for an adult pet, as they are better aware. Your home will be thanking you! As you are saving it from the smell of poop.

8. You will pay less and save money.

Adoption price includes first vaccination, insect spray or occasional microchip. Keeping in mind that most of these pets are trained, this will also help you save money. You will not only save money but also have a new member in your family!

9. Brag all you want!

We all really love taking selfies. But not a lot of people are interested in seeing our selfies. Unless these selfies include you and your adopted pet. Adopting is a noble deed and its a wonderful act. You should be proud of yourself. You should post selfies and do it with pride! Because you surely deserve it and you also deserve the likes! This can also be helpful in creating awareness about adoption.

10. Fighting puppy mills!

Buying animals makes us a part of chain production of animals. Due to this, the mother’s of these puppies are kept into isolation and in cages so that they can produce more puppies. Keeping these mom puppies in isolation and without any human interaction will cause them inevitable damage. The hope of human companionship and joining a family is lost for such animals! This is also one of the main reasons why you should opt for adoption instead of buying pets.

Remember, be the change you want to see in this world. One should never think that he or she can not make a difference. The difference always starts with an individual taking the initiative. If you change and opt for adoption, people will watch and learn. They might also go for adoption instead of buying pets. Adoption is a beautiful gesture and all animals are precious! Go for adoption and give these animals a chance to live better lives! What are your opinions and thought about adoption? Let us know in the comments section below!

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