Artist Turns Funny Cat Memes Into Awesome Illustrations

Artist Turns Funny Cat Memes Into Awesome Illustrations

Cats, being the wonderful creatures they are, easily win over our hearts in a blink of an eye. All they have to do is walk past us and boom! we’re theirs. Though, even this is an exaggeration. Because let’s be real for a second, they don’t even have to walk, they have to do absolutely nothing to get our attention. As crazy as we all are for cats, we’re all ready to give our lives for them. But apart from that, what makes us cat lovers more excited are the cat memes. Yeah, we can’t have enough of those.

Cat memes have achieved their purpose of filling up our lives with humorous content that we can’t help but love. It doesn’t take long for a cat meme to instantly get all the attention, and in just minutes, it gets viral. And that too, for the right reasons! I mean, it takes a special kind of skill to capture those hilarious expressions. And the cherry on the top is making a meme out of it. You may be thinking we’re about to show you some cute and hilarious AF cat memes. Well, you’re only partially right.

This Indonesian illustrator, Tactooncat, saw an opportunity and didn’t hesitate to grab it. This is the best part, wait for it… She turns viral memes into amazing illustrations and they are accurate AF! These drawings just double the cuteness of the original memes. Don’t believe us? Well, that’s alright because we’re about to show you. Scroll down and check it out;

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1. The one with the shaved legs

I wonder why this cats legs are shaved… what you done, kitty?

2. This is the kind of friendship I want.

But, excuse me little ones. Stay away from the switch board, please.

3. I wonder if a lizard is considered as a nice gift for hoomans

It’s the thought that matter, right?


This cat is responsible for all the math questions.

5. This little fuzzball

Why you so angwyy?!

6. Probably dreaming about some delicious af food.

Same , though. Same.

7. Another angwy one

What made y’all so mad?


Aspiring to be as happy as this little cutie

9. I fits perfectly

Now I sits comfortably

10. Am I… Am I in trouble…?

All I wanted was to play with these fishies

The best thing about these amazing illustrations is that we get a new one almost every day! Tactooncat draws one every day and she has over 350 cat pictures now. She now has more than 115k followers. She started drawing in the October of 2019. It was also the best time to start drawing because we got to enjoy her wonderfully amazing drawings all throughout the pandemic!

11. Never really liked this weather.

Always brought up my allergies.

12. And the laziest one of the bunch

Must. Not. Move.


Ahhh, how do we tell this cat…

14. Cat-llusion

Look again!

15. “And IIIIIIIIII will always love youuuuuu”

100/10 would definitely buy the concert tickets.

You may think it’s easier to do. But we can’t help but admire the precision of this amazing artist. Each emotion, each detail, captured so wonderfully. No wonder she has gained such popularity in such a short time. Her work is without a doubt, remarkable.

16. You see this hooman?

This is where we were supposed to live!

17. When you get caught trespassing into someones house

Hoping this cute little face gets you out of trouble.

18. Ahhh, yes. The comfort of bras.

They make such good pillows.

19. No way of getting out of this situation?

Oh well, might as well take a nap.

20. Spa day!

Umm, excuse me hooman… this cumber is falling off..

21. A little help, please?

Or are you just going to stand there and watch?

22. Bet you can’t see me here.

Such a perfect hiding spot!

23. I’m not sure if this is how it’s supposed to be worn.

Try turning the cat around.

24. He did not see that coming!

And clearly he cannot keep his eyes off of her.

25. I heard this is where the food is stored.

Just going to stay here and keep on eating.

26. Is it a frog? Is it a cat?

We will never know!

27. Honestly, man. Same!

So freaking precious!!

28. Check out my new ride!

Limited edition.


I’m not crying, you’re crying.

30. The sun gives this cat extra energy!

Don’t mind me hooman, I’m just charging!

Sadly, you’ve reached the end of the article. We certainly enjoyed all these memes and their illustrations and we hope you have, too. We hope these brightened up your day. Let us know what you thought in the comments section below. And while you’re at it, tag all your cat lover friends and family and don’t forget to share!

Image Source: tactooncat

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