Before & After Pictures Of Dogs Growing Up Will Melt Your Hearts (35 Pics)

  • By Saif
  • April 2, 2021
  • 6 minutes read

Who’s up for some before and after pictures of dogs growing up!?

If you’re having a dog, you must remember the first day when you brought that little angel into the house and how it grew right in front of your eyes so quickly. How that little pupper could fit into your lap but now he’s too big for it (they still won’t stop from trying though!). It’s such a beautiful work of nature how these little babies grow up and become so handsome!

A Twitter user who goes by the name of @wilkray, started a new trend by sharing a picture of his adorable little pupper, Pier, when he was only of 8 weeks VS when he grew up to 8 months. Pier turned out into a big handsome dog and the best part is, he’s still growing! The picture managed to garner over 700k likes and started it’s own thread in which people started to share the pictures of their own doggos and how they have grown in weeks, months or years. We bet you are dying to see that thread so let’s just skip to the best part now, shall we? Keep scrollin’ and be prepared for the huge smiles that are coming your way!

Let’s start with the picture of how it all started with Pier! Oh my, such a gorgeous pupper!

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1. Oh my, look at that pug all grown up! Can you spot the difference?


2. Awww… look at how his paws are at her shoulders!


3. Damn… that’s a beautiful duo!


4. Cuties!


5. Look at how the color of the fur changed! How pretty!


6. What a happy picture!


7. Always a daddy’s boy!


8. And we love both the beans!


9. “Dad, can you not hold me like that? I’m too big now!”


10. “Baby? Who are you callin’ a baby? I’m just being cozy, hooman!”


11. Isn’t she the cutest!?


12. That is such a hilarious and cute pose!


13. And she loves going on the beach!


14. Look at this badass all grown up!


15. If cuteness had a face!


16. Damn, this one grew up massively!


Pet owners will know how it feels to see them growing up so fast and quickly. It’s literally like seeing your actual human babies grow up with you and there’s absolutely zero difference. These adorable puppers requires equal amount of attention as much as a human’s baby do. They both have the same needs and need to be trained!

It takes them just a few weeks to grow up and you can already see a drastic change in their personalities as well, not just their sizes! Unfortunately, a lot of people would abandon their little puppers as per their convenience because they won’t be able to invest enough time and money into them and that’s just sad. These puppers are a part of families and should never be abandoned!

Anyways, we have got some more pictures in the store for you so we suggest that you keep scrollin’ until the end!

17. I’m not crying, you are crying!


18. What about the owner? How come she didn’t grow up?


19. Much love to this cutie! It’s heart wrenching when they leave us with nothing but their beautiful memories..


20. He keeps getting handsome, doesn’t he?


21. Look how big he is now!


22. Not sure if he’s showing off his pupper or his biceps. Either way, it’s a win-win situation!


23. Poodles are the cutest!


24. Awwieee… this melt our hearts!


25. Check out that sassy pose!


26. Damn… he turned out to be all gangsta after 2 years!


27. But hey, she still won’t stop trying to fit into your lap!


28. Which one’s the poodle? JK! Such cuties!


29. Look at those big years!


30. Rex is a very cool fellow!


31. Indeed, they do!


32. Oh my… what a cutie he is!


33. Show me something more adorable … I’m waiting!


34. I can’t even begin to imagine how good it would feel to cuddle that big pupper!


35. Can hardly tell the difference!


And the joyous ride comes to an end here! We hope that you enjoyed every bit of it and looking at these cute little puppers growing up brought a smile onto your faces! If you have a dog and you feel missed out, feel free to share before and after pictures of your puppers growing up into the comments section below!

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