50 Hilariously Adorable ”In-Bread” Dogs

  • By Malaika
  • June 25, 2020
  • 7 minutes read

It is not what you think.

By the title, you might be thinking that we are gonna show you images of inbred dogs. We all know many animals ‘keep it in the family’ when it comes to kids. However, that is not why we are here today. Actually, it is a trend of putting your doggos head in a slice or loaf of bread. Why? The simple answer is quarantine.

It seems people come up with very weird and amusing things when they are stuck at home with their pets and don’t know what to do. Although not all trends that have come out of this are all bad. And this one is just one example. This has taken the Internet by storm and we can see why.

So if your hungry for some carbs and want to see some adorable pups, you’ve come to the right place.

So scroll on below and take a look.

#1 He is quite happy.

Fluffer knows, just as soon as the hooman’s back is turned, that bread is getting scarfed. Of course the fluffer is happy. -danielw

#2 He is a floofer.

Via cece.pomeranian

#3 The hotdog named Pippa.

Via twowhippets

Dog’s face says: Please rescue me!!! -Russell Ellwardt

#4 ‘I’m all ready.’

Via LaneJennifer137

#5 It seems cats don’t take it as well.

Via Moeferd

He looks disturbed by the level of uncatlike manners. -Doggi

#6 The snout just poked through.

Via yuriya375

#7 A whole family of in-bread dogs.

Via george_wertie_bosley

Those dogs are so patient! -SoozeeQ

#8 Better than white bread.

Via river_the_mini_dachshund

#9 A mask is all this doggo needed.

Via eldoodlegang

He/shes a super hero!! -bossy

#10 That is quite convenient.

Via Proper_Shiny

Beautiful and practical (food on the go.) -Night Owl

#11 The face was too big for the bread.

Via Noxull

#12 This kitty is quite calm.

Via clementinethetiny

Are you pandas a cat or dog person? -bossy

#13 Great, Now I’m hungry.

Via marniethedog

Somebody call PETA… -Kelly Gore

#14 Guinea pigs are joining in as well.

Via errathingistaken

#15 He is very disappointed in the Hooman.

Via josh.alexander93

Such a patient, handsome doggo. -Doggi

#16 A derp with bread.

Via marniethedog

#17 Bread can be a great accessory.

Via jessholmes_

I can’t decide whether this dog looks more like Astro or Jane Jetson… -Kelly Gore

#18 His eyes say it all.

Trying to retain some dignity. -Andrew Gibb

#19 Such a floppy ferret.

Via chonnes

#20 The bread isn’t quite helping with his ears.

Via cassiopeiathecorgi

That bread is your perfect colour!! -Liam Walsh

#21 He knows he will get to eat the bread later.

Via daisyytheflowerr

#22 This ain’t no in-bread doggo.

Via bariparty_golden

Gorgeous doggo! I wanna “boop the snoot”! -SoozeeQ

#23 Scooby-Doo in the making.

Via Harley Rescelo

#24 Absolutely perfect.

Via waffalynch

Tigger was not much impressed by this challenge but he did get some bread out of it so not all bad.

#25 I think this loaf is done.

Via its_all_about_the_boo

Paint me like a French loaf. -Andrew Gibb

#26 He is not happy with this.

Via ajax2lexi

I am afraid your puppy had decided to eat his way out. -NanZ

#27 Awe, So much punishment.

Wrong on E.V.E.R.Y. level. You literally turned him into a furniture prop. He can’t see, he can’t scratch, he can’t drink out of the toilet, he can’t lick. He is currently closed for being a dog. -ebony1k124 touch

#28 That is a pure-bread if I’ve ever seen one.

Via babybear_dachshund

#29 Are those raisins?

Via babybear_dachshund

Pupper on left “what I do deserve dis?” Pup on right “be quiet Rex, we gonna get raisin bread outta dis.” -Donna Leske

#30 Who doesn’t like fairy bread?

Via greyborder

#31 A beard bread.

Via Bread-Dog

#32 He is hungry for some bread.

Via reddit

#33 He does not look amused.

I will get you someday hooman.. -Elizabeth Orozco

#34 The googly eyes make it so much better.

Via pawsclawsandteeth

#35 He needs a little bit of trim.

Via pomquadsquad

#36 He gave up a long time ago.

Via professormeowingtonscat

Unimpressed with my humans.

#37 Such beautiful eyes.

Via Stepan Cerny

I want to know what’s going on with the cabinet! Hee. She’s lovely. -Mishte Tine

#38 This loaf is freshly baked.

Via thosepoodlepups

#39 The bread couldn’t hold him.

Via bear_the_cockedup_poo

I am Bear. Take two of this weird bread thing the Pawrents are trying. Either the bread was weak or my snoot is so powerful, either way…I still wasn’t having it!

#40 The perfect pose for a selfie.

Via glamdring_cat

#41 Isn’t this an adorable puppy?

Via alice_piko

#42 A wonky heart.

Via darkwayyy

#43 Who’s the in bread and pure bread?

Via BenSerius

#44 Smokey is a sassy kitty.

Via iWontTellYou

#45 A very calm dog if I say so myself.

Via peaceluvpenny

Just learned about “cat breading.” Can’t find the cat.

#46 He regretted that decision.

Via parkerschnauzer

This is what happens when you wake mum up early on Mother’s Day.

#47 Rabbit is not impressed with this decision.

Via regokey

#48 What we have here is a pure-bread dog.

Via happyyorkiefamily

If Mr Monopoly was made of bread and a dog. -Andrew Gibb

#49 Mickey mouse bread.

Via orkyeh

Who wants to grab brunch?

#50 He looks traumatized.

I don’t think he loafs it. -Janine B

What are your thoughts on ‘being breaded’? Would you ever do this to your pet or have you already done it? Comment down below and let us know.

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